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AppValley APK

AppValley APK – Do you want a modified app than you have being used currently using app? But what you cannot do if it is not convenient to get from Google play store. Then do not give up. Because you can use AppValley app instead of Google play. Google play gives chance to download totally legal apps. It does not allow to download pirate or mod apps which are skipping the limitations of that original version case in point. You can download a lot of mod, tweaked and modified apps from AppValley.  You are looking for an app without ads you can get those apps totally free from AppValley. We can appraise this is a one of safest app store. You can get both paid and non- paid apps from AppValley. All apps are totally free here.


  • You do not want to root your android device
  • Do not want to use email or Facebook credentials to sign up or login
  • Your warranty cannot be avoided
  • User friendly apps
  • Easy to navigate to one to another
  • There is a million of apps
  •  Tweaks, ringing tones, themes and 3rd party apps
  • You can get all apps for completely free
  • More cool features

Interfaces of AppValley

There are user friendly interfaces in this, and they are easy to understand and use for even beginners. That is also one of the reasons to popular this app. Because this app has been coded in advanced algorithm and it makes you easy to download and evaluate. It facilitates to easily navigate from one from the another and by single shot and you can download them without any issues. This navigation and downloading patterns are just like Google play store.

Apps are completely free for you

It is not a thing download reliable and secure paid apps for free. AppValley gives you a chance to download apps completely free of cost even paid apps which are on Google play store also. There is a massive collection of apps in the latest version of AppValley. 

Does not need root permission

It is not going to ask root permission when you are going to use AppValley VIP and AppValley does not ask any root authentication to install and download paid apps for free.

Downloading speed

Downloading speed depends on either internet connection or server speed. Both are significantly play major roles. You can get better, faster, well managed and powerful server. That server will help you to download apps from AppValley in similar speed to Google play store.

Flexibility of AppValley for android

It is flexible what I mean is it helps you download same version of apps which are same versions in Google play store. Think! You want to share your favorite apps which are downloaded from AppValley and share your experience with your family and friends. Then, what do you do to share app? You know what latest version AppValley gives you a chance to share apps among friends. It is an amazing thing to know your friends can download them even they have not internet connection.

Secure of AppValley

Security is a one of the most looking factors when we are doing everything. It is useless thing if it is without safety and reliable. Sometimes we download apps from websites and get a huge amount of virus. But you do not worry about download things from AppValley VIP. It offers reliable and secure for paid apps.


It is compatible for almost all android devices which is using Android 4.4 and latest and Android is the thing which can run AppValley 2.0.

AppValley versions for Android

AppValley :

You can download this from Google play store, and this is a massive collection of ranging from games, educational and entertainment apps. It is in 2.2MB in size.

AppValley VIP APK for android :

It called as AppValley v1.0.1 APK and it has been updated on 27th July 2019. App is 6.2 MB in size. It compatible with Android 4.4.2 Jellybean and latest.

New AppValley pro 2018 :

It is 2.8 MB in size. It is free and save your data. You can search and download it to your android device. You need apk application installed to your device. IF you have to face some issues in phone and you want to reset and format the phone. Can download a lot of apps from AppValley and back up them.

Steps to download AppValley for your android device

1st step: You should enable the unknown source and install the AppValley apk file. You can do this enable process by going through settings and security and then you can enable the unknown source by clicking on it. You van see a prompt message and you can click on the ok button

2nd step: You should download the Latest AppValley APK file on your device.

3rd step: Open the file manager.

4th step: You can navigate to the AppValley APK file and tap on it.

5th step: Click on the Install button.

6th step: Install it into the selected AppValley apk file on your android device.

7th step: You can tap on the Open button to launch if installation process is completed.

Download apps from AppValley on Android

1st step: Launch the AppValley to your android device

2nd step: Click on the library which is located at the bottom side

3rd step: You will able to direct to the apps list.

4th step: Click on the search bar.

5th step: Search apps that you want to download.

6th step: Tap on the app

7th step: You can tap on the installation button

8th step: Finally, you can access the app from home screen

Uninstall AppValley from the Android device

1st step: You can go the settings and general settings and profile and device management

2nd step: You can see there are several profiles

3rd step: Select AppValley from profile

4th step: Click it and select delete it.

It is time to download apps rather than you are currently using and entertain benefits which are given by AppValley.

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