APPLE’s Color-Sensing Stylus

APPLE’s color-sensing stylus

A usual update from APPLE would consist of someone saying, "it is still similar to its predecessor." But, this time it’s different. The newest update will be the color-recognizing stylus.

The APPLE Pencil 2, which was released in 2018, is the latest one in APPLE’s styluses. This is the stylus that is being used by all iPad owners out there. This will soon be time for a new version after APPLE’s latest venture.

They have a patent (US 20220413636 A1) for the color-sensing stylus. This will allow sensors and light emitters to recognize the color and texture they are being touched upon.

You only need to place your stylus on a unique color that you may have come across to get it into use digitally.

So far, there has not been any trustworthy news from APPLE if they will use this technology in the upcoming APPLE Pen. Or, they might hold on to it for the future until they have made fine adjustments.

We can only hope they will pull through with a worthwhile product with the newest invention.

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