ZOOM Bringing Their Avatars and Other Features

Zoom bringing their avatars and other features

The newest updated features from Zoom have been a trend in all video conferencing solutions. After Snapchat’s update on bitmoji and then APPLE’s very own self-emojis, people have been pushed toward the idea of avatars.

Now Zoom has brought the feature of virtual avatars that can be included in the videos. They have also introduced the option of an inclusive Q&A feature, a thread feature for the chats, and customizable meeting settings.

Although they are relatively new and keeping up to date with the current technology, the avatar feature has been a point of concern after the introduction of the metaverse.

Zoom believes this may keep the video conferences fun and engaging, making even the ones who prefer to switch off their cam give this a chance. But the question that brings up a point of concern is what happens to professionality when keeping up with trends.

Remember that cat filter that a higher official had during a very serious virtual meeting? That is not the point he was trying to make.

The chat thread feature has the potential to make chats more streamlined and convenient. And now, making decisions through discussion is becoming possible even through virtual platforms.

The Q&A feature will be available for all meetings at the administrator’s discretion. It has already been a boon to online lectures and webinars, but now it will be available for all.

The other feature of customizable meetings will allow you to arrange a meeting even with one or more departments in MNCs and still be productive. Usually, a more significant number of attendees spell out the following mess, but now it will be far more convenient.

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