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When we start talking about Cydia impactor there is no end for it. As plays a very vital role in being a very essential and crucial software for both Android and iOS devices. When it comes to the iOS devices the Cydia impactor assists in installing Cydia, removing the Cydia installer, installing third-party apps by performing the sideloading of IPA files.

Also, the application, Cydia impactor is by users to root the android smartphones. Also, the tablets that are running on the android gingerbread to lollipop. Jay Freeman is the individual who came up and created this Cydia impactor download. Who eventually also developed the Cydia Download for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices today. Therefore now we shall all take a look at The Cydia impactor – How to use on an iOS device

Cydia Impactor iOS- GetBasicIdea

Now, as we have already noticed above users can start installing their favorite apps and games by just simply sideloading IPAs on their iDevices. Also the APK files on their android by casually utilizing the impactor tool. When we talk about the days now, Cydia impactor is the application that is being used now as the current trend in which the installation of jailbreak apps is done on the iOS devices. Most of the iDevices users have downloaded this app. With The Cydia impactor – How to use on an iOS device users can easily grab a better understanding.

Users can not simply just download Cydia impactor as it is not an application that can stand alone. Rather the users will have to jailbreak their devices initially by the usage of a proper tool like Electra, pangu, and unc0ver. Once these have been done, the Cydia Impactor around the application will be automatically downloaded onto the user’s mobile phones.

Compatibility on Cydia impactor iOS

The latest iOS version is 14.1. But so far there is not any exactly proper tool to jailbreak this version and download Cydia. The latest version that can be a jailbreaker is 12.1.2. the version which can be done using the unc0ver jailbreak. This Cydia was recommended for iOS above 12. So, this is how the iPhone devices can use the uncover to jailbreak the device and download Cydia. The iPhone x,8, and 8 plus, 7 and 7 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus, SE are some of the iPhone devices which are known to be compatible with this app. But unfortunately, the new iPhone models like the XS and XR aren’t very compatible. If users have the upgraded version, they can downgrade it.

Also, as iOS demands Apple ID to sign the app, the Cydia Impactor tool acts as a bridge here by simply passing your credentials to sideload an app. It doesn’t store your Apple credentials anywhere and hence it is safe to use. But you need to make sure that IPA you’re sideloading is 100% exploit-free.

Here given below is an easy shortcut for users who are beginners to download the Cydia impactor on an iOS device even more easily.

The process to download Cydia impactor

Things that every user around who has an idea of downloading the app should care about before they think about starting the Cydia impactor downloading process.

  • Users should initially begin with trying to Disable the Siri on their phones and Touch their ID
  • They have to make sure they close all of their applications which they used from the app switcher.
  • Users have to create a backup for all the data of their device using their latest iTunes.
  • They should not forget to enable the airplane mode on their devices before restarting it once.

There are 2 methods that users can make use of for this particular jailbreak. They can decide if they want to do it either online or do it with the help of a PC.

1 method

  1. Users will have to make sure to provide a device passcode for the process so for that they have to download the zjailbreak app store first. Users looking for it can visit here to download it.
  2. Now the users have to launch the app store and make sure to click on the unc0ver jailbreak button to install it to their devices.
  3. This app is an unauthorized application therefore, users have to trust the developer profile of the tool.
  4. Once the users have successfully installed it they have to go to settings then go to general. In the general tab, they have to go to find the profile and device management. Users have to go into that so that they can trust the developer profile.
  5. Users have to go to the devices home screen. Then they have to launch the unc0ver app from there onwards and then tap the button that says jailbreak. This action will jailbreak the user’s devices.
  6. The users have to be aware that the device will restart a few times but it does not matter. Users have to understand that they have to wait a few minutes in order for the process to be completed.
  7. Once the user has completed all this, the Cydia app will be displayed on the user’s device home screen.

2 method

  1. Users will have to use the Cydia impactor for this. So, therefore, the Cydia cloud will provide you more regarding it. Users can also take a visit to their website.
  2. Users have to make sure to download the unc0ver IPA and Cydia impactor from their PC.
  3. The users will have to connect their device with their computers using a cable.
  4. Once this app starts to detect the user’s device, the users have to make sure that they drag the IPA onto the Cydia impactor.
  5. In order to sideload the users will have to enter their Apple ID and their password.
  6. Once the app appears on the user’s home screen, they have to make sure to trust the developer before they decide on running it.
  7. Also, the users can then now launch the application and tap on the jailbreak button.
  8. Until the procedure has been completed, users will have to wait. Users will then be able to the Cydia impactor once all these have been done on the home screen of their devices.
Cydia Impactor iOS- GetBasicIdea

The Cydia impactor – How to use on an iOS devices?

  • Users have to download the newly released version of the Cydia impactor on their Mac Pc or any iDevices. There is no requirement to have concerns about the latest versions and the latest and most recent version will be always brought to you. Click on Download Cydia Impactor for the most recent version.
  • To run the application, users will have to find and open the downloaded app. If in case the downloaded file has been archived, users will then have to extract it.
  • Users will have to download the jailbreak or any of the IP files that they wish to install.
  • They have to connect their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to the Mac computer, and also, they have to make sure they use a certified USB lightning cable.

Once completed with Cydia impactor iOS

  • Users have to make sure that they drag the necessary IPA file and drop it into the interface of the impactor tool.
  • The apple developer warning will pop up and users have to just click on the “OK” to go on with the process.
  • Users will have to make sure that they enter their Apple ID and the relevant password that is valid.
  • Once all have been completed without anything going wrong throughout the process then the IPA file would automatically install on the user's iOS devices. Once that is done, it will be eventually added to their device's home screen.
  • now just because this has been done and the users are capable of seeing it, they will not be able to start using the app as it needs to be trusted by the Apple device.
  • To make this work, as usual, users will have to go to the Settings >> General >> Profiles and device Management and then tap on the installed application in the device and tap on the “Trust” button.
  • Once completed users will have to go back to the home screen and open the app that they installed.

Downloading the Cydia Impactor on an iOS Device is not hard. Here's a video on How to Sideload Apps on iOS 11 using Cydia Impactor


There are many numbers of ways that all users around the globe can sideload the IPA applications on their many devices. For example on an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. But the unique and beautiful feature of the Cydia impactor is its compatibility. It is compatible with all the three famous and major operating systems which are the windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This is very simple, easy, light in weight, and free. Once users use this software, they would forget all the other methods. Examples like the XCode methods, the iTunes method, or any other sort of hacks used by users to sideload the iOS apps.

Users can now start installing their favorite apps and games as they have the app downloaded. They can just simply sideloading IPAs on their iDevices. Also the APK files on their android by casually utilizing the impactor tool. To get a better understanding regarding this application you can also visit. Cydia impactor – its features, Usage & everything you should know.

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