Cydia Impactor – Features, Usage & everything you should know.

Cydia Impactor
Cydia Impactor

In the modern world with technology advancement and revolutionization, people around the globe depend on their smartphones to complete or achieve all their tasks.

Nevertheless, all the smartphones that people use always does not include the significant applications that the users require. When the users finally decide to install these applications but they aren’t available on the play store for android or the app store for iOS, it gets challenging. Some of the applications are initially provided by the official app store or google play store itself but some others need to be purchased. Since now the APK files are easily available and it also includes a simple process of being installed on an android device has transformed into being very easy and simple with the Cydia Impactor.

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult when it comes to an iOS device. iTunes is now the most widespread app used by most of these iOS users but not many of them know how to function it properly and this is exactly where the Cydia Impactor – features, usage & everything you should know would come into play. Since certain application are not accessible in these official sites and not officially distributed, third party applications are required.

The role of the Cydia Impactor

There are many third-party platforms other than the iTunes that can help install IPA on an iPhone. People try out Vshare, IFunbox, Diawi, iTools etc. But compared to all of them the simplest and easy method to get this done is the usage of the Cydia impactor. This is a similar third-party platform that had been developed by a single individual to make this IPA installation method effortless. When using this tool, users do not have to worry about the safety of their phones when installing apps from different sources.

Plus, this application, the Cydia impactor can be utilized for both the android and iOS devices using either windows, Linus or Mac OS computers. The Cydia impactor greatly helps in updating the users phone programs to the latest version and it also offers various customizations that benefit users. Users can also enhance and improve their phones and formulate them to look and work the way they want. The Cydia Impactor is an astounding software that formulates the user’s smartphone more satisfying and trendier.

In this article today, we shall discuss on how to download Cydia Impactor – Its Features, Usage & everything you should know.

What is this Cydia Impactor?

The is a graphical user interface program that lets users to install their IPA files on their iOS devices and this process of using the Cydia impactor to install is known as sideloading. There a various huge amounts of third-party application installers that this Cydia impactor aids users to install and now we are going to guide you in using it. This application or tool was developed by an individual technology consultant and developer known as Saurik who was also known as jay freeman.

This app is available freely for the three major and mostly used computer operating systems – Mac, Windows, and Linux. To install the IPA files on users iPhone they need to download the files on their computers which they will be sideloading. The downloading of the Cydia impactor is assured to be the right decision for iPhone users.

By the usage of this tool, semi-tethered jailbreak tools can be installed and the Cydia impactor aids the users in flashing and updating custom and stock ROM. Plus this can be used for the usage of android operating system and to master its vulnerabilities. It allows users to install new ROMs and applications to locked android devices with that.

The good thing about this app is that, it does not interfere the prevailing iOS version that is running on the user’s device but incase required it lets jail-breaking. When it comes to application freaks, it is a well-known tool. Most of the carriers and manufactures implement restriction on their devices and with the usage of this tool users can avoid these restrictions.

Features of Cydia Impactor

While there are visibly so much of alternatives for Cydia impactor, while do you think that you should still use this?

Below we have listed out all the functions or features of this handy tool;

USB Driver Installation

The primary requirement in rooting these android devices is the installation of these USB drivers in order to be able to communicate between the phones and computers. Also users may install the universal ADB drivers along with this Cydia impactor and they do not need to install drivers of particular mobile manually by doing this.

Fast boot and Bootloader Unlock

Once users install the USB drivers, they are required to restart the devices under the fast boot mode. Users may easily do it by going through a specific line of command. This command assists in the unlocking of the bootloader, which is necessary in installing the external recovery. With the usage of the Cydia impactor, the bootloader has the option of being locked and unlocked as well.  Also, all requirements will be removed and jobs will be finished with just a few clicks. However, to go according to a safe process, users need to follow the accurate instructions.

Android Rooting

The process of android rooting is averagely complicated for which many users would not want to play around which is true. But fortunately, with the assistance of the Cydia impactor once the users turn his device into USB debugging, a simple click does the magic.

Packages Installation

Smartphone nerds usually root into their devices to figure out various ROM customs. But when users download Cydia impactor, they can just start installing such packages and these packs can be updated with a single click as well. In order to install these custom ROMS, they need to be flashed via stock or custom recovery

Install Jailbreak Applications

To manipulate the original operating system of smartphones many apps have been designed as well.  To operate the parent operating system of any smartphone there are many apps which have been specially designed. But unfortunately, all these apps need jailbreaking and rooting respective devices. Furthermore, this app sideloads various official and unofficial apps and is the easiest method to install apps without any extra effort. This tool eradicates the requirement for jailbreaking to install jailbreaking apps.

Inbuilt Driver

All you have got to do is install the drivers separately as it comes wit an inbuilt USB driver. When users use this driver, they can connect their devices directly and however they don’t have to install the drivers manually

Bridging Connection

They can also disconnect or restart connections if they need but they have to figure out the port number first. Since the Cydia impactor is available it is simple to bridge the connections amongst the user’s computer and the iPhone or iPad.

How to Use Cydia Impactor 



  • The iOS device and the computer that is going to be used should have the same date and time.
  • An updated version of the iTunes has to be installed on the user’s individual OS in order to perform the installation operation on windows and mac OS.
  • Users have to make sure that they are downloading the right impactor tool for particular 32-bit of 64-bit systems for Linux OS.
  • Users need USB cables that are compatible and recommended for all devices and they have to be required to connect the device to the computer.
  • Users have to make sure that The USB drivers must be installed for android devices
  • Users are Recommended to include the latest iOS version.
  • The Cydia impactor tool has to be downloaded
  • Maintain enough battery, it should be more than 50%

Uses For iOS Devices

  • Users have to Search and open the downloaded Cydia impactor application on their computer or extract it if the downloaded file is archived.
  • Users have to make sure to Download the IPA file or the jailbreak which they prefer to install.
  • While the users are using a certified USB lightning cable, they have to connect their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to their mac, Linux of windows computer and proceed once the device has been discovered.
  • Users have to drag the required IPA file and make sure they drop it into the interface of the Cydia impactor tool.
  • Press ok on the apple developer warning window that’s prompts to continue.
  • Then enter the valid apple ID and the password.
  • The app will auto start and shortly will start installing the IPA file on the iOS device.
  • At the beginning the users would not be able to use the app because it needs to trust the app installed in the apple device.
  • Next users have to go to settings and pick general. And then profile and device management.
  • Then hunt for the certificate of the Cydia impactor and click the trust button.
  • Now open the application and start using what you installed.

Uses for Android Device

  • Users should Open the settings on the android device and circumnavigate to developer options and then select USB debugging. They have to Click on the option to permit the USB debugging.
  • Users have to Open Impactor.exe file and then users have to connect their android device with the computer.
  • And then click on start button to begin with the rooting process.
  • The Cydia impactor will auto install the SuperSU binary on the android device.
  • After this process is completed, close the app and disconnect the device form the PC.
  • Restart the user’s device and open the google play store.
  • Search for SuperSU application and then install it.
  • After installing the SuperSU application the device will root.
  • Open this SuperSU application to check if the device was properly rooted. If it works flawlessly, the user is good to go.

Cydia Impactor: Pros and Cons


  • Can advance your device productivity
  • Can run applications that are not precisely made for device
  • Install custom ROMs
  • Free internal storage
  • Uninstallation of stock apps
  • It is a reliable source within jailbreaking communities.
  • It is safe.
  • Root access
  • Customization
  • Additional features
  • Apply diverse themes


  • Boot loops can happen
  • Can make your device unstable
  • Fewer secure device
  • Warranty void
  • From time to time, it can slow down your device’s productivity
  • The battery might drain quicker
  • CPU speed could suffer

Alternatives for Cydia Impactor and Their Features

Super Impactor

This features a very user-friendly utility and interface which permits the users to install as many applications as they require on their iso device. This app is designed merely for the windows operating system and it can be the best alternative for the Cydia impactor.

  • It permits the installing of any kind of IPA without having to jailbreak the device
  • Its user-friendly interface forms it to be very handy even to kids.
  • This lets using infinite Apple IDs to install apps.
  • It has a built-in directory of the popular tweaked apps.
  • This app includes the benefits of managing Apple account certificates.


This is made to be popular since its contents are completed additionally trying to download it on the pc isn’t necessary.

In doing so, users can download the games and apps they prefer. This can be directly be installed on to the devices.

  • It offers thousands of popular improved games and apps.
  • home to thousands of 3rd-party apps and games
  • It comprises varieties of popular games emulators.
  • Easy to be used and plenty on choices available.


This is a recommendable substitute as it provides the users a number of great features to choose from, which includes the backing up of the device entirely. It is also very user-friendly. But in order for this to work, it needs a computer. Users can effortlessly install various applications and games outside the app store and they just need to install it on their computer and connect the iOS device.

  • This app promotes an enormous set of unofficial apps and games outside the app store.
  • The automatic file remover aids in cleaning your device.
  • This appl allows the downloading and the installing of the latest version of iOS on their devices.
  • This application offers diverse tools which lets users have complete control of the iOS.
  • Inspecting and relocating any files amid the computer and the iPhone is likely.
  • Removing of files on the iPhone.

Vshare Helper

Another famous alternative which has been around for quite a long time. Users should definitely take a look if they are looking for various third-party apps. Further it has begun as an app to install modified apps. It also works without a jailbreak. Additionally, this is app is convenient software to be used in media and file transfers between the iOS and computers.

  • It also allows the installing or uninstalling of any apps from the iPhone device.
  • There’s an available directory of movies, ringtones, modified games, tweaked apps, and eBooks making it an ultimate place.
  • Users may use a computer to transfer or share media and files to your device.
  • Users may also safely recover the lost data on their iPhone or iPad.
  • Even without operating the iOS devices system updates and recovery settings are possible.

TutuApp Helper

Offered by the Chinese developers turns out to be an excellent app that is accessible to both iOS and android. It provides the entire control of the device by taking into use its simple and comprehensible user interface. The mobile client is its unique feature which has diverse methods to install aps

  • Users can entirely install several applications without having to download the source files.
  • This app includes a comprehensive collection of numerous categories of apps and games and with that, it is also simple for users to find the apps that they are looking for.
  • This app doesn’t require registration for starting the usage.
  • Jailbroken and non-jailbroken device compatible.
  • This apps includes a unique in-house cleaner that helps to clean the memory of the background apps completely.

Tweak box

This app comes along with a list of in-demanding applications within it and also, it is one of the best alternatives that users can select apart from the Cydia impactor. Plus, this does not require a computer. This application has received great fame and popularity as it turned out to be one of the most prominent app stores in the markets.

  • It consists of the eventual collection of all ++ mods.
  • Usage of the computer is not necessary for unofficial apps installations.
  • Available in most of the third-party platforms.
  • Paid emulators can be obtained without users having to pay for them.
  • This app is accessible to both android and iOS where is makes the installation of apps more convenient.

Download Cydia Impactor:


Given below is the direct download link for the application, Cydia impactor for Mac and Microsoft windows PC systems and also learn how to download the Cydia

IF the users have the 2FS (two-factor authentication) that is enabled on the iPhone which can hinder in the installation process. If the users require, they can disable it and follow Method 1 mentioned below and then users can re-enable it or can follow the steps of Method 2 which is also mentioned below as to how to install the IPA files without the need to disable it. Users have to make sure they do accurately as the stages given if not, they cannot be guaranteed success. 

Method 1: Install IPA Files with 2FA Disabled

  1. Download the app onto users Mac, Windows PC, or Linux from the links given above.
  • Download the applicable IPA file for the app uses are side-loading
  • Link the computer and iOS device via lightning cable.
  • Users have to check that the device is spotted once they Launch the app
  • In order to drag to the open Impactor window, users have to Find the IPA file 
  • On the Expired Certificates warning, Click OK 
  • click OK, after Typing the Apple ID and password in;
  • Now the Impactor app will recover and sign the app certificate; once this has been completed, users will see the app icon on their home screen
  • Users have to then open the iOS settings app and tap on general
  • Tap Profiles and Device Management
  • There will be a list of application certificates that would load, users should find it and tap the certificate for the sideload app.
  • Users can use the app after tapping on trust and closing the settings.

Method 2: How to Install IPA Files with 2FA Enabled

  1. From the browsers, users will have to open the and log into their account.
  • Users will be requested to go through a 2FA procedure to get access into their accounts, which users will have to do and then when the account loads where Users will get a message saying there is a two-factor authentication which is enable and they will also see an app-specific password which they have to tap.
  • Users can now select a name for the label and click on create (they better try calling it something similar to the app name they require to install)
  • There will be a password which generates, users should copy that and thereafter users have to follow the steps above until users get to where they enter their Apple ID – input their ID and use their newly generated password
  • The users ought to go according to the rest of the steps as in Method 1
  • On completion, the other device would contain the IPA file and the app is ready to be used.

Common Error Fix:

The latest jailbreaks that have been released need to use the Cydia impactor to get their jailbreak into the is device and now certain users fret that the tool fails. The application, Cydia impactor has not transformed into and astonishingly a famous tool which is being used for sideloading unsigned apps into the users iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Fortunately, solutions have been found for most of the Cydia impactor errors.

  • XCode 7.3 Error
  • Cydia Impactor Provision.cpp error
  • Cydia Impactor won’t Detect my Device
  • Other Cydia Impactor errors fix

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the common FAQ questions from new and prevailing users.

Is Cydia Impactor Supported on iOS 13?

Definitely yes! The Cydia impactor is always updated every time that the iOS firmware is updated which ensures continuous support.

Do I Need to Jailbreak to Use it?

A jailbreak is not necessary as this app can share the same particular name just as the third-party app store. The only situation that users will need it is if they need to install any specific tweak or app that is not being able to be downloaded from other sources.

What is the provision.cpp:173 Error?

This is a particular error that is received in the Cydia impactor. In order to figure out how to resolve them, check How to Fix Cydia Impactor Certificates ERRORS!!

Is Cydia Impactor Free?

The Cydia impactor is absolutely free. The developer has designed it to be free and if you are asked to pay then it isn’t the right source. This site can be reported to the Cydia community and the best thing is to go for an authorized site.

Is Cydia Impactor safe to use?

When the iOS requests for the apple id to sign into the app, this Cydia impactor takes the role of a bridge where is passes the users credentials to sideload an app. Which means that the Cydia impactor does not save the users credentials anywhere and it is therefore safe. But users have to make sure that the IPA they sideload is 100% exploit-free.

I am getting error XCode 7.3, what to do?

The Cydia impactor displays this error of variations made Apple on their server. The developer of this app is on his mission to amend this. In the meantime, you can use alternatives.

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