Neuralink's Brain Chip Has Got the Approval for Human Study

In all cases, Elon Musk has always put a step forward in every case of advanced technologies. What you are about to read from this article is such an incredible milestone in the history of the world, of Elon Musk is about to write.

Neuralink Has Got the Approval for Human Study

Neuralink is neither the first nor the only business developing Brain Interface Technology. Researchers from all around the world have been investigating the use of implants and devices to cure diseases including paralysis, depression, and other sort of disabilities around the brain for many years.

The Neuralink company has been trying to work on a brain chip to restore human vision and mobility by linking the brain with the help of a computer. But Musk predicts the scope of the capability of this Brain chip is going to be broader.

History of Neuralink

Neuralink was established in 2016. But its existence was not published until 2019.


The trademark for Neuralink had been owned by an electrical engineer named Pedram Mohseni since 2015. He and his business partner Randolph Nudo founded their own startup.

These two neurotech researchers started the creation of a device that might benefit those who have brain injuries. They encountered a number of difficulties in developing the device. One issue was that they lacked the funding from investors to carry on with their tasks. Another drawback was that, it may be difficult to determine whether the investment was profitable.

When no one wanted to invest in this brain chip, they received the chance to carry out their work with Elon Musk.

Brain chip implant

The Neuralink brain chip will be surgically implanted into the brain. The chip cannot be implanted without removing a portion of the human skull. Robots instead of human surgeons will be inserting the chip.

Brain Chip

Design and capability of brain chip

According to John Donoghue, a neurologist at Brown University who was leading the team that created BrainGate to help paralyzed patients regain mobility, the design looks to use a novel type of electrode.

According to Musk, the Neuralink device might be used to cure a variety of medical conditions. However, he has also stated that the ultimate goal is to develop a general population device that would enable users to connect their minds directly to supercomputers and combine them with artificial intelligence. Additionally, he said that in the future, the gadget might be able to extract and save ideas as a backup drive for your digital self.

What's going to happen next?

Future of Neuralink

According to the Neuralink website, the organization is looking for paralyzed, blind, deaf, or with speaking disability.

A spokesman for the FDA confirm in a statement that Neuralink received an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE). This procedure through which the FDA permits the device to be used in clinical investigations. When such a trial might occur is also unknown. To approve the research, the corporation would need to put together an institutional review board.

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