Waiting for ChatGPT 5? This is for you

ChatGPT 5 is going to be here with more accuracy along with less response time and more areas that it can cover on its Artificial Intelligence. According to Altman after speaking with Bill Gates about it, the next version of ChatGPT will have enhanced reasoning capacity, be better at interpreting more types of material, and be more trustworthy and reliable most of the time.

ChatGPT 5 by OpenAI

This language model, GPT-5, is regarded as a stepping stone towards Artificial General Intelligence. That means a machine capable of thinking like a human. So, when you are using ChatGPT you will feel like you are building up a conversation with another person not with a machine. As we witness, the future is coming rapidly towards us.

The successor to ChatGPT

After ChatGPT 4, ChatGPT 5 is going to be the most advanced language model of OpenAI. But in order to use it you have to pay a monthly subscription. As in other GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers), this is also able to generate human-like answers for users' questions along with relevant images that the user is asking for. All these answers will be provided to you in a mode of conversation. You may have already familiarized yourself with this information.

ChatGPT 5 capabilities

According to Altman, GPT-5 and 6 would perform more reliably, with better personalized and multi-modal outputs. Images, audio, video, and numerical data are used to train and apply multi-modal AI. According to OpenAI, GPT-4 is multi-modal, which means it can accept both text and image inputs but only output text.

Sam Altman

Regarding its intelligence, GPT-5 would require more data to train on. The goal was to combine freely available data from the internet with large-scale exclusive data from organizations. The final group would be long-form writing or conversations.

However, according to Altman, it would be difficult to foresee the model's new powers and skills until training had begun.

When can we use it?

The CEO of OpenAI first talked about GPT 5 in November. But the exact release date of it is not announced or mentioned anywhere. According to some sources, it will be available during this year.

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