iPhone 15 Comes with A USB-C Port but with Restrictions

iPhone 15 comes with a USB-C port but with restrictions

Most of us know how the market-leading smartphone companies made us buy adaptors instead of giving on with the phone. The headsets had the same predicament. The latest rumors are that APPLE is planning to equip their iPhones 15 and 15 Pro with USB-C type ports.

This may remind you of the lawsuit in Europe against APPLE’s ports, but that is not the reason for the change. However, the rumors suggest that this change may limit which adaptors and cables are used.

You may be wondering, ‘HOW.’ According to the source MacRumors, the ports will be equipped with an integrated authenticator chip. This chip will decide on the devices’ and accessories’ compatibility.

We may be approaching a time when the users will only be able to use APPLE-approved charges and cables—quite a hassle if you are in an emergency to charge your phone.

On the other hand, the iPads already equipped with a USB-C port will not have these limitations. Compared to APPLE's latest inventions like the under-display face ID and the color-changing stylus, this may not seem much.

So far, these are still rumors, and we may as well wait to hear the official announcements soon.

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