Will ChatGPT be a Strike to Google?

ChatGPT is a very popular Artificial Intelligence platform that creates conversations between the user and the computer. This amazing program was developed by Open AI for online customer care services. Many people hold the opinion that Google and other search engines will eventually be replaced by ChatGPT. If so, most recently the search engine, Google will be facing its doom. What do you think about this?

What are the impacts on Google from ChatGPT?
ChatGPT vs. Google

Open AI is a renowned company that has introduced many AI platforms such as GPT-3, DALL-E, Dactyl, and RoboSumo. Within weeks of introducing ChatGPT, Open AI has gained the attention of tech freaks around the world.

To go straight to the topic, let's first compare ChatGPT with Google.

ChatGPT vs. Google

  • Google is a search engine and ChatGPT is a language model.
  • In the area of customer service, ChatGPT is renowned for producing human-like responses, and Google offers not just information but also photos, applications, and software, as well as sectors like business and healthcare, among others.
  • Even if they share a parent company, ChatGPT cannot be integrated with other programs or software. But Google is renowned for its application integration.
Let us compare OpenAI with Google
OpenAI vs. Google

ChatGPT expertise

The ChatGPT platform shows expertise in almost every field. These may include, science, mathematics, technology, programming, language, history, culture, marketing, business, Psychology support, and many more.

According to some people's ideas, this platform is creating a threat to many fields. Among them, Marketing and SEO are on top.

In the case of SEO, ChatGPT is capable of giving amazing blog ideas along with creative SEO titles, and also the contents of the body of the blogs. An efficient SEO strategy can be developed using chatbots. But, this can only happen when a more traditional SEO technique is also employed. This is because even though chatbots can provide users with a variety of useful information, they are less adaptable, efficient, and useful than keywords, backlinks, and other SEO tactics.

ChatGPT responses to blog ideas

It can also provide content and FAQs for marketing and business purposes.

What will happen to Google?

It is quite impossible that ChatGPt will replace Google. The primary reason is that Google is a search engine and ChatGPT is not. Instead, it is a language model or a chatbot. 

Even if ChatGPT responds to the questions posed in the context of SEO, it will not produce results of the same level and speed as Google. Therefore, there is no chance that ChatGPT will ever completely replace Google.

This is my opinion. If you have distinct opinions, feel free to share them with us.

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