The Facet of iPhone 15 Pro Based on Its Case

There are slight differences in the iPhone 15 Pro based on the recently leaked images of the iPhone 15 Pro cases. As the new Apple device is going to release at the end of this year, there are several rumors about the changes in the design of the device. These leaked cases provide proof for these predictions.

iPhone 15 Pro case
iPhone 15 Pro case


According to the leaked photos, the power and volume buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro will be situated a little lower than they were on the iPhone 14 Pro models.

The USB-C port that will replace the Lightning port on the iPhone 15 Pro appears to require a somewhat wider bottom cutout as well.

The new mute button which was previously a switch will be above the volume buttons. It seems to take up less room and uses a smaller cutout.

The differences of iPhone 15 Pro according to the leaked case
iPhone 15 Pro differences

Apart from these features, the device is likely to have larger camera lenses.

There are also rumors of a titanium chassis, and curved front and rear edges. Also, smaller bezels and a larger camera array will be there. But these features are not predictions of the case images.

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