How to Check Airpod Battery on Android?

How to check Airpod battery on Android

If you are unable or confused to check the Airpod battery on Android, then this article is for you. Airpods, however, work very optimized in iOS but in Android, some of the features seem missing. One of these features includes the battery level-checking function. Anyway, there are several solutions for this matter. Let's check on them.

As some of these features of Airpods are not inherent in Android OS a third-party app should be used. There are several third-party apps that you can use to check the battery level on your Airpod. The followings are a list of them.

  • MaterialPods
  • AirBattery
  • PodAir
  • AirDroid

Now let's go through them one by one.


This is one of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store. With 3D style animation, it offers you some other features like high responsivity and customizability. Automatic in-ear detection is another feature that we can find in the MaterialPods app.

  • Download the app, MaterialPods to your Android device.
MaterialPods Application on Google Play Store
MaterialPods Application
  • Connect or pair your Airpods to the mobile
  • Open MaterialPods
  • Tap on Check Permission, when the Bluetooth LE Scanning pop-up appears
Bluetooth LE Scanning Permission to check Airpod battery on Android
Bluetooth LE Scanning Permission
  • Then press Allow granting permission to use the app
  • Then another pop-up will appear to grant permission to display the app on top of the other apps
Display over other apps permission on MaterialPods
Draw over other apps
  • Tap on Check Permission again and then tap on the button next to the MaterialPods app to grant permission.
  • After that, the third permission requirement will appear to Disable Battery Optimization.
Disable battery optimization for MaterialPods
Disable battery optimization
  • Tap on Check Permission and then again press Allow
  • Then you can select the Airpod model
Then select the type of your headphone from the given list to to check Airpod battery on Android
Select Headphone
  • You can also select the animation style as 3D or Flat
  • Then a pop-up will show you the battery level of the Airpod

AirBattery Application

The in-ear sensing feature is also available in  AirBattery which starts and pauses playback. This feature works on apps like Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, and BeyondPod.

  • To start using the app, download it from the Play Store
  • Open the AirBattery app
  • Tap on Grant Permission on Location Permission
Location Permission
Location Permission
  • Then again press Grand Permission to Allow Start from Background
Grant permission to start from the background
Start from background
  • Under Disable Any Power Savers, you can either grant permission or ignore
  • Then you can select your Airpod model
  • After that press Ok
Select your device to to check Airpod battery on Android
Select device
  • Now close the app
  • Open the lid of your Airpod charging case
  • Open the AirBattery app again
  • Now you can check the Airpod battery on your Android mobile phone

PodAir to check Airpod battery on Android

This application requires a lesser space on your mobile's storage.

  • Download the app
  • Open the PodAir App
  • Then tap on Verify Bluetooth Feature
Verify Bluetooth feature on PodAir
Verify Bluetooth feature
  • After that tap on Allow
  • Then tap Ok for the Location Service notification
Grant permission for location service
Location Service
  • Select how you want PodAir to have access to your location
  • After that tap on Ok for Success! notification
  • Now, close the app
  • Connect your Airpod
  • Relaunch the PodAir app
  • Now the app will display your battery level

Check Aipod Battery using AirDroid on Android

This application takes up even lesser space in your storage.

  • Download the AirDroid app from the Play Store
  • Open the app
  • Press Ok to grant Location Access in the pop-up that follows
Location Access permission
Location Access
  • Then again press Ok to enable display over other apps
Give permission to display over other apps
Display over other apps
  • After that, connect your Airpod to your Android device
  • The app will show you the battery level of your Airpod

There might be several other applications that you can use to check the Airpod battery on Android. All those apps work on the same pattern and some of them offer more features. So, enjoy your time with Airpod.

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