Chimera jailbreak | How to jailbreak iOS using Chimera

Chimera jailbreak

Chimera Jailbreak – It is the first true iOS 12 jailbreak. There is feature a CoreTrust bypass. Therefore users do not need to be resigned. It supports for A12 devices (including iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr and latest iPads.) but it does not tamper with user files and making it safer than alternatives. There are some features come up with Chimera. Talking about that it comes with Sileo( Sileo is a powerful, beautiful and efficient ApT package Manager. It is designed for jailbroken devices which are running iOS 11. Most important thing in Sileo is it is reliable and it is focus on being up to date. ), modern package manager, UI made to fit iOS, speed enhancements to make installing packages a breeze.

Chimera developers: CoolStar(Lead developer), nullpixel, tri’angle, Ninjaprawn/ George

Exploit developers: Brandon Azad, Psycho Tea/ sparkey

UI developers/ designers: AppleBetas , Aesign/ Alessandro Chiarlitti

Why does Chimera special?

  • It supports for all iOS devices including A12 devices also.
  • After the jailbroken process, It will be automatically installed Sileo .
  • It does not affect for the any user files.
  • It is also Crash free jailbreak. When comparing with previous iOS 12 , it has less bugs.
  • 100% free.

Jailbreak with Chimera

1st step

            Download and install any app store to iOS device.

2nd step

            Then they will launch downloaded App store and install Chimera app from it.

3rd step

            Before launch it user must trust the developer profile. User can do it by Go to Settings -> Device and Profile Management -> Trust the App

4th step

            Run the Chimera Jailbreak app and from device and tap on jailbreak to start the jailbreak process. If task is unsuccessful, repeatedly do it until it will be successful. 

5th step

            Then see the Sileo app manager on device homescreen.

Jailbreak with Chimera – Computer Method

1st step

            Download Chimera IPA and Cydia impactor.

Download Chimera

2nd step

            Connect iPhone or ipad to the computer. Then launch Cydia impactor.

3rd step

            Drag and drop the Chimera IPA on to Cydia impactor window. Then it asked to submit Apple ID and Password to start the side load process.

4t step

            After complete the side load process then user can see the Chimera App on device homescreen. No trust the developer profile using the device settings

5th step

            Open the Chimera. Then complete the jailbreak process.

6th step

            Once successfully completed the Chimera jailbreak process, then Sileo app will be available.

Jailbreak with Chimera – Apple TV

It is available for Apple tvOS 12- tvOS 12.2 and tvOS 12.4.


            tvOS 12.4, tvOS 12.2, tvOS 12.1.3 , tvOS 12.1.1 , tvOS 12.1 , tvOS 12.0.1 , tvOS 12

Device compatibility

             4th and 5th gen Apple TV (1080p Apple TV 4 is only support up to 12.1.1)

1st step

            Download Chimera tvOS IPA and cydia Impactor .

2nd step

            Plug Apple TV device to computer and open Cydia Impactor.

3rd step

            Then drag and drop the downloaded Chimera IPA file into Cydia Impactor.

4th step

            Then it asks Apple ID and password. It is doing or the sideload the Chimera JB app.

5th step

            Then unplug Apple TV device the computer and connect with the TV.

6th step

            Launch the ChimeraTV jailbreak app from TV and complete the process. Do the process again and again until Apple TV comes to jailbreak mode.

Finally user can install their favorite apps on tvOS 12 – tvOS 12.1 running Apple TV.

Reason to Jailbreak Apple TV

  • Web browsing
  • Easy to access to new applications
  • Can take several kinds of media files from iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices using AirPlay.
  • Customizable features:  weather, add slideshows, adjust screen saver settings, and hide menus.
  • Remote HD: use iPhone, iPod, iPad touch to control Apple TV. User can use it like remote control.
  • It gives facility to access third party TV channels. Like XBMC, NitoTV,HBO and Pandora.

For iOS 12.3/12.3.1/12.3.2/12.4.1/13

  • It is not compatible with iOS 12.3-iOS 12.3.2 and iOS 12.4.1.
  • iOS 12.3 beta version except beta 6 compatible with Chimera.
  • It also not compatible with iOS 13.
  • There are no untethered or semi-untethered jailbreak tool release for iOS 12.3 –iOS 12.3.2 and iOS 13.

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