GEMINI AI: New Google Large Language Model

Gemini AI is the newest LLM (Large Language Model) created by Google. Recently Google launched this amazing AI platform to the world. This is undoubtedly going to be a huge milestone in the new era of AI.

Gemini AI

What is Gemini?

The Gemini is an LLM designed to behave more humanized and it has the potential to raise it upon every other Artificial Intelligence-based applications.

This new invention of Google has problem-solving skills including capability in math and physics, inspiring optimism among proponents of AI that it could result in scientific discoveries that enhance human lives.

Act of Gemini in Future Technology

This is the first model to outperform human experts in Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU). According to the facts, Gemini is one of the most popular ways to assess the knowledge and problem-solving skills of AI models.

Launching of Gemini

There are several areas that this LLM is expertise in. Those are as follows.

  • Computer visions such as detecting anomalies, scene comprehension, and object identification.
  • Geospatial sciences which includes planning and intelligence, continuous monitoring, and multisource data fusion.
  • Areas related to human health such as biosensor integration, preventative medicine, and healthcare personalization.
  • Integration in technologies such as transfer of domain knowledge, data fusion, improved decision-making, and LLMs.

Google's new LLM productions

Google's AI-powered chatbot Bard, and its Pixel 8 Pro smartphone will launch with the less advanced Gemini versions named Nano and Pro.

Google claims Bard will grow more intuitive and proficient at planning tasks with Gemini's assistance. Google claims that Gemini on the Pixel 8 Pro will be able to automatically respond to messages on messaging apps. The summarized recordings made on the device will also be available on Pixel 8 Pro as a result of Gemini AI.

Additionally, Gemini will soon be integrated into Google's widely utilized search engine.

Google Bard Advanced

Google Bard

You will have to wait until it's 2024 to watch the most significant developments from Gemini. The company will introduce Bard Advanced, a more advanced chatbot that will initially only be available to a small test group.

Although Google executives reassured reporters during a briefing that the technology will be gradually spreading into other languages. However the AI will initially only function in English globally.

Google's Bard Advanced may be able to recognize and comprehend presentations that include text, images, and video at the same time, potentially achieving AI multitasking activities. One notable enhancement of the Gemini to Bard is that it allows Bard to produce higher-quality, more accurate responses by providing a greater understanding of the user's purpose.

You can enjoy your experience with Gemini by logging into Google Bard.

Pixel 8 Pro

Pixel 8 Pro

On the Pixel 8 Pro, Gemini can be used without an internet connection. The gadget is compatible with Gemini Nano, a condensed, offline-operable version. The Pixel 8 Pro now boasts improved Smart Response and Recorder functions. This means the device will be able to provide more natural replies than before.

You can activate the Smart Response feature using Developer Option Settings > AiCore Settings > Enable AiCore Persistent. You can use this smart response in WhatsApp and other applications.

Also, you can use your Recorder App to get a Nano-Generated Summary of your records.

Impact of Gemini

However, some AI experts fear that eventually, AI will surpass human intellect, leading to the loss of millions of jobs and possibly even more destructive behavior like spreading false information or inciting the use of nuclear weapons.

Also, Gemini is undoubtedly a threat to most of the AI models available on stage at this moment.

We'll see what will become of Gemini. Get more details from Google DeepMind.

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