How to Hide Columns in Excel?

How to Hide Columns in Excel

There may be information on your worksheet that you no longer require. You may also choose to print only columns A–F and columns H–J, bypassing column G, when printing your worksheet. You can just conceal the information rather than rearranging your worksheet for either of these scenarios. In addition, you can hide information in individual cells. Let's go and see how to hide columns in Excel. We will also show you how to hide rows as well.

Hide Columns in Excel

  • Select the columns you want to hide
  • Then right-click on the columns and click Hide.
Hide column in Excel
Hide column

Unhide column in Excel

  • Select the adjacent columns.
  • Right-click and select Unhide.
Unhide columns in Excel
Unhide column
  • You will see the hidden column.

Hide rows

The process of hiding rows is the same as hiding columns

  • Select the row you need to hide.
  • Right-click on the selected row and click Hide.
Hide rows in Excel
Hide rows

Unhide rows in Excel

  • Select the adjacent rows.
  • Right-click on the selected rows and click Unhide.
Unhide rows in Excel
Unhide rows

You will see the hidden row after this procedure.

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