Introduction of Software Development


What is Software?

Software is a generic term for the various types of programs used to operate computers, mobiles, tablets, and related devices. It consists of encoded instructions to a computer having the ability to perform a significant task after the execution.

What Types of Software?

  1. System Software:-

    The system software is a collection of programs designed to serve other programs. They directly operate the computer hardware and support the functionality of other application software. System software includes operating systems, program translators, utility software, etc.

  2. Application Software:-

    Application software is used to accomplish specific user-oriented tasks. This application software can be classified into different categories such as real-time software, business software, engineering, and scientific software, embedded software, personal computer software, web-based software, artificial intelligence software, etc.

What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming is done by software engineers with the help of their knowledge of computers and computing. They often deal with problems related to a computer or an existing computer system. So the programming is done to solve these problems and implement the compatible solutions by using the technology as a tool.

What are the Concepts of Programming?

A program consists of a set of executable instructions written using a programming language to perform a specific task for the user or the computer. A programmer should have intellectual discipline and a creative mind. Two types of programming methods can be identified as Amateur programming and professional programming.

  1. Amateur Programming:-

    Amateur programming is concerned with producing an accurate solution to the problem for the individual. The elegance and the documentation is not very important as the author will be the analyzer, designer, implementer, user, and modifier of the program.

  2. Professional Programming:-

    Large and complex systems are developed in professional programming. These programs are used by users other than the original author. Professional programmers spend many years developing this software with continuous modifications and enhancements. The elegance of the program and the clarity of its documentation is very important as well as the accuracy of its solution.

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