Program Development Cycle and Concept of Algorithm


What is the Program Development Cycle?

A program development cycle can be defined as the step by step approach used to develop a fully tested computer program. The programmer should go through the program development cycle after obtaining the programming specification to develop a program.

What are the steps of the Program Development Cycle?

  1. Analysis:-

    A programmer should gain a perspicuous conception of the tasks to be done by the particular program. He should have a clear understanding of the input, process, and output requirements.

  2. Design:-

    A mode of solution or an algorithm should be developed after analyzing the problem.

  3. Develop:-

    The design should be converted using a compatible programming language to develop the program code.

  4. Testing:-

    Testing is performed by running the program with test data in order to detect errors. The logical errors are mainly considered during the testing process.

  5. Deploy and Maintenance:-

    The program should be executed to produce the desired output and the necessary modifications can be done in order to fulfill the altered and novel requisites

What is the Concept of Algorithm?

Developing a design or an algorithm of a program which is known as a “blueprint” is important when designing and implementing a program. The algorithm provides the stepwise procedure to resolve the problems as designing an architectural plan for a house to be built. An algorithm must consort with a basic set of criteria.

  1. It must be concise:-

    The appropriate solutions must be described in a simple manner in order to easily interpret by a human.

  2. It must be unambiguous:-

    An algorithm should be free from alternative interpretations since its execution is done by a machine without any sense or inherent knowledge of the texture of the problem.

  3. It must be capable of machine execution:-

    The process to be done should possess the ability to translate into significant, machine-executable operations.

  1. It must be promoted elegance in the solution:-

    An algorithm should not lead to a feeble programming style during implementation. It should be supportive to develop high-quality programs. The programs which are elegant in their design, accurate in their operation, and easy to amend and enhance over a long period of time can be designed using a good design tool.

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