Lickable TV? Now We've Seen Everything!

Taste TV is an all-new concept we see from Japan, thanks to Prof. Yoshiaki Miyashita from Japan. This could be the next big hype that surpasses the smell-o-vision. This television lets the user lick the display to experience the on-screen flavors. How marvelous is that?

Professor Miyashita from Meiji University said that this TV combines taste with video images in real-time. The team started off by capturing the taste of food. Next, they use these flavor insights to make a spray mixing system with 10 canisters. These contain a variety of flavors including sweet, sour, savory, and spicy. With the help of these canisters, the system creates the flavor and applies it on a lickable, transparent sheet that will roll out of the screen. The speciality is that the system places the sheet exactly where the food in the video is.

lickable tv
Source: TRT World

For now, the test demonstration includes a menu you can taste with sommelier training and alcohol tasting. People can lick the screen to taste the flavors. For experimentations, however, the scientists are using rubber tongues too.

Professor Miyashita expressed his interest in making a platform where users can taste flavors from across the world. Secondly, he also expressed his vision of people being able to download the flavors. As a result of this phenomenal work, this invention won Innovative Technologies Award at the Digital Content EXPO 2021 in Chiba, Japan. However, for some of us, these inventions raises a lot of questions, because most of us do not see the practicality of it. Due to hygiene issues, too, we doubt this can be popular among everyone. Anyhow, we wish all the best for professor Miyashita and his team to reach the end goal of this project. Stay tuned for more interesting news!

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