M2 MacBook Pro : Does Apple Live Up To Its Name?

M2 MacBook Pro review

The new 13-inch Apple M2 MacBook Pro has hit the market with the new and improved M2 chip which is the successor to the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 chipset. The M2 chipset is significantly better performing than the M1 and far superior to the vintage intel chips but falls behind when compared to the M1 Pro.


Yes, the new MacBook is far superior to others in the market but the average user might look at its outward appearance and confuse it with the previous version as the design has not received an update. Apple lost its touch in upgrading the design compared to the new laptops in the market. The smooth round edges are identical to the M1’s design. This means that the ports, display, and looks are an exact match for the M1 MacBook Pro 2020. The minimalistic design has less practical usage including only two thunderbolt ports on the left.

For all the touchpad lovers out there, M2 MacBook Pro might even end up being the last model with that feature.

Apple M2 MacBook Pro design


The new M2 MacBook Pro has a display with a dimension of 13.3 inches (2560 x 1600) Retina Display. This feature too is the same one we received in 2020, but the display does have a high resolution making it able to keep up with high-definition games and videos.

Quite a conundrum if you think about how the name ‘Pro’ doesn’t provide the right features to back up its name.


The majority of the user reviews point out that the M1 MacBook pro has a crisper and a more defined sound system than the M2 MacBook Pro. While the speakers do give a better sound experience, not much has changed in the past two years. The M1 was not the best compared to its peers. Therefore, it seems like there has not been an upgrade at all but rather a stagnancy in the feature with time. A new user might get a good sound experience but a user of the previous M1 MacBook Pro has no change.


In the current world where we see a high increase in remote work and video conferencing due to the pandemic situation. People are adapting to a virtual meeting culture instead of the traditionalistic approach, which brings us back to the M2 MacBook Pro’s webcam feature which has a 720p camera.

While the 2021’s MacBook Air models and even the current models have a 1080p camera, the M2 MacBook Pro is sorely lacking in its upgrade. The product is more expensive than the other current MacBook Airs yet still does not give the worth for its money. Although the new improved software gives the 720p camera of the M2 an edge over the M1’s 720p camera. This gives out a defined output but still falls significantly behind the 1080p.

Charge and Battery Life

This model comes with a C-type cable and a 67-watt adaptor. The M2 MacBook Pro 2022 falls behind in terms of charging, as it lacks the fast-charging feature. Almost takes 3 hours to charge according to some reviews and tests done. Whereas the other lineups have the fast-charging feature where it charges up to 50% in 30 minutes.

The device does make up for it with its incredible battery life. When compared to the previous version, this has a definite upgrade in the longevity of battery life.


M2 MacBook Pro performance

The M2 chipset is the highlight of the model which amps up the performance of the machine by a notch. The CPU has no significant upgrade to the previous M1 but is slightly faster.

The speed of the SSD is certainly slower than the M1. This can be seen when higher GBs of files are being transferred or when the laptop is utilized for multiple heavy works.

Other features

On a final note, the fan installed in the M2 MacBook pro gives the active cooling feature. The device never makes a noise on a day-to-day basis but does give out a faint whirring sound when there is heavy use. To optimize it further, you could download the TG Fan Pro and change the settings to make the fan spin earlier at a temperature that concerns you.

Final Verdict

Compared to the upcoming latest MacBook Air, the price of the M2 MacBook Pro is quite expensive yet smaller and has less quality cam among other features. The positive that M2 has over the MacBook Air is the ‘Active Cooling’ feature.

The M2 MacBook pro has been left behind at a time when the other products have been superseding their previous versions. A few years back, this device would have been suitable for its price.

If you are someone who is into creative projects like editing and has a need for heavy use, it is worthwhile for you to invest in either a MacBook Air or another model whereas this would be suitable for an average user with its battery life amongst its other lucrative features.

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