How to setup unattended remote computer on TeamViewer

What is the unattended access ?

When TeamViewer open, it normally gives a random password to login for other members. But in the “Unattended Access”, we can setup static password for login into remote computer in every time.

What are the things to consider when setup unattended access on TeamViewer?

You cannot setup unattended access without installing TeamViewer. Give a strong password and it cannot be less than 6 characters. Anyone can login using TeamViwer in to your remote computer which is setup unattended access using this password and it must be secure.

How to setup unattended access ?

  1. Download TeamViewer setup file and install.
  2. Run TeamViewer and click Connection >> Setup unattended access.


3.  Click Next button.

4.  Give a password to login. (minimum length is 6 characters).

Unattended Access

5. There are 3 option to select. 1 and 2 option can create free TeamViewer account or login existing account. If you don't want to create or login TV account, You can select 3rd option.

unattended access

6. Click Finish button.

untended access


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