Bing’s AI Will Be Limited Henceforth

Bing’s AI will be limited henceforth

As we know, Microsoft’s Bing had an updated version of an AI chatbot which came under severe scrutiny from the users. The AI was unable to provide accurate responses to the queries. After heavy backlash from users after comparing it to ChatGPT, Microsoft has planned to make some changes.

The update will feature a limitation to the chat sessions with the AI. Previously from the tests, they surmised that the AI gets confused and starts providing unreliable answers after consecutive questions. The AI chatbot even had major existential crises and issues after being asked about its existence.

Therefore, Microsoft will limit each chat session to five questions and responses. You will also be able to log in for 50 sessions per day. They plan to keep the queries controlled enough to keep the AI Chatbot intact and reliable.

The users are asked to keep their chat sessions brief and direct as these are still early stages of AI in daily life. ChatGPT and Bing’s AI Chatbot are still using already available information on the Internet to answer queries. This means that the responses will not be as accurate as they have no own thinking process as of yet.

Furthermore, we have a long way to go before replacing some jobs and tasks with AI. It is heavily dependent on the content we put out on the Internet.

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