Enjoy the Best Xbox Series X/S Features with Windows 11 Update

Xbox Series XS Features with Windows 11 Update

Microsoft has introduced a quick way to determine whether your computer is ready for DirectStorage in its most recent update to Windows 11. It seems like, once you update your Xbox game bar, users can access the Gaming Features tab from the Settings menu. It also shows if your system is prepared for DirectX 12 Ultimate. On the other hand, it shows you the things that your PC will need to be upgraded.

DirectStorage is a technology that reduces the loading time of the SSD, and will also cause the games to run more smoothly. Now, that you may want to update the Xbox Game bar, let's go to that.

Update Xbox Game Bar

Windows 11 update
Windows 11

This feature has not yet been exposed to the public yet. But you can download the Xbox Insider Hub to get the feature right now. Go through the following steps.

  • If you have Windows 11 Operating System, go to the Microsoft Store.
  • Search and download the Xbox Insider Hub application.
  • Now Sign-up for it.
  • Click on the Preview on the left.
  • Enter Windows Gaming.
  • Now, select Join to signup.
  • Then go to Microsoft Store Homepage.
  • Go to Library.
  • Now press Update All. Xbox Game Bar will be installed on the PC.

To open the game bar, type Xbox Game Bar in the taskbar or press Windows Key + G. If you go to Settings and then click Game Features, you will see the updated system information requirements.

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