How to Connect Firestick to Wi-Fi Without Remote?

How to Connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without remote

Amazon Fire TV is a companion among people and this article is about methods that you can connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without a remote. Especially when you are a traveler, you would be having Firestick with you so you can watch your movies and favorite series anywhere. But, this case would be a little different without the remote. Let's see how you can manage it.

Connect Firestick to Wi-Fi using a smartphone

Even if you forget to bring the remote, you won't forget to bring your smartphone. So, this is a good chance that you can use to fix your problem. Amazon gave the solution to your problem with the Fire TV app. But, there is a slight problem with this method. If your place does not have Wi-Fi Connection you cannot use your Fire TV. To connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without a remote, but the smartphone, you'll need two smartphones. Here is how you do it.

Amazon Fire TV
Fire TV
  • Use one of your phones as a Wi-Fi hotspot with SSID and password.
  • Get the Amazon Fire TV app for the other phone.
  • Make sure your phone and Firestick are both linked to the same network as the first smartphone.
  • You can operate the Firestick with the second device. You can use the second device as a remote control by connecting your Amazon Firestick to the TV.

Now, why do you need two smartphones even if you have another Wi-Fi connection? Because, in order to control your TV with the smartphone, both of them should have connected to the same network. Now that you connected the Fire TV by using two phones, you can use your second device to change the Wi-Fi settings and connect the TV to another network. But, by doing that, you will lose your Fire TV's connection with your smartphone. That means you can no longer operate Fire TV using the smartphone.

Connect to Wi-Fi using Echo or Echo Dot

You can use an Echo or Echo Dot instead of a second smartphone or tablet after connecting the Firestick's network. Having a smartphone or tablet to complete the initial configuration would be helpful. After that, you can connect the Echo or Echo Dot to the same network and control the Fire TV stick with voice commands.

Connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without remote using Echo Dot
Echo Dot

Other methods to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without remote

Remotes for Smart TVs, Apple TVs, and other devices can be downloaded from a variety of third-party online app shops. These remote controls are universal, so they operate with all sorts of televisions.

Other than that you can use a Universal remote. These remotes work on the underlying premise of HDMI CEC (Customer Electronic Control). You know that TVs have an HDMI port that can be connected to the remote control. A universal remote can be connected to the TV through an HDMI port through CEC. CEC supports HDMI 1.3, which was introduced in 2002. This means that the feature may not be present in all televisions produced since then.

You can connect your Firestick to your TV and use the universal remote to control it. Now  you can operate the Fire TV stick. One issue with this method is, you would not be able to use voice commands when you are using this method.

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