How to play a Omi Game on your mobile phone?

How to Play a Omi Game on Mobile Omi Master

Omi is a very famous game around Sri Lanka that uses a Card deck. It is played by 4 people who are divided into two groups. Omi Master is an app that makes for you to play the same game using your Android mobile phone. Download this amazing card game from the Play Store and we will see how it is played.

Rules of Omi game

First of all, we have to know the Card Deck or the card pack. Almost all of you must have already played games from this card deck with 52 cards. But when you play Omi 2-3-4-5-6 cards of all suits are not being used. Therefore, only 32 cards will be using. The value of cards is decreasing according to the order of A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7. You must all know the 4 suits of cards. Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts.

The first rule of the game is, the one who shuffles the card pack should divide 4 cards to each in a counterclockwise direction. Which means he has to divide the first 4 cards to the person on his right.

Before going to the second distribution, The first person who got the 4 cards should select a suit as a trump.

Trump is very special in this game as all other cards are less valuable than these 8 trump cards. The highest value card in the game is the trump "A" card.

One other thing is that the person who put the highest value card should throw the first card on the next round.

Now let's see how it is played.

How to play Omi Master

Install the application from the above button provided.

Once it is installed, launch the application on your mobile phone.

Launch Omi Master
Omi Master

When the app is launched you will be directed to the first screen.

Select New Game to play - Omi Master
New game

Now you have to select New Game to go to the game.

You will be having the first chance to select a trump.

Select the Trump wisely - Omi Master Card Game
Select a Trump

From the given four suits, you have to select the trump. When selecting trump you have to be wise. First look at the four cards that have been provided to you at the bottom of the screen. You have three diamond cards and one spade. When you select the trump, it's better to choose the most available suit. In this case, it is Diamonds. You can choose otherwise as well.

The other four cards of your hand are going to reveal after you press Select.

Omi Master Card Game
Cards with you

Now you can see, you have three trumps available in your hands. In case if you forget your trump, you can see it at the top left corner of the screen. Remember that the first chance to put a card is yours. If your card is the highest valued card on the desk, the next chance will also be yours. Otherwise, the next chance will be going to the person who put the highest value card.

And the other important thing is, the person who sits opposite to you, in this case, the face opposite is your partner. The other two sits beside you are your competitors.

The Next Game

Once the game is over, the next game will be loaded. The trump of the next game will decide the person sits on your right-hand side as it is his turn. Check the top left corner of the screen for the trump of the game. If he was the one who selected the trump, then he will be the first to put the card. You will be the last.

Omi Game Playing
Next Game

You can see on the above figure, you have all 8 cards in your hands and it is your turn to put the card.

Now you can play as usual. After the end of each game, a summary of each games' strategies will display on the screen.

The summery of the game will be displayed after end of each game - Omi Master
Game Strategies

This is simply how you play the Omi Master. Give it a try and see how interesting it is.

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