How to Make Paper in Minecraft | Step-by-Step Guide

How to make paper in Minecraft

Make paper in Minecraft is very much easy. You only need 3 sugar cane to make a paper in Minecraft. In fact, why do we need papers? Paper is one of those products that are not entirely useful in Minecraft but are utilized in so many important crafting materials. Paper is the building block of so many things that it needs to be made. Things that are done with paper include books, bookshelves, maps, and several other items.

This making paper method works with almost all the platforms of Minecraft. Most importantly the method is quite the same in all the platforms. Let's see how it can be done.

To make paper you will need a Crafting table and 3 sugar cane. If you don't have a Crafting table you will have to make one. And if you don't have sugar cane, then you should find them. Sugar canes can be found near water. So, find water and then you will definitely find sugar cane.

Now let's go step by step for our goal.

Crafting Table can be used to make the Paper in Minecraft.
Crafting Table

Make Paper in Minecraft

1. Open the Crafting Table

Crafting Table
Crafting Grids

The Crafting table is a table with 3×3 (9) grids. This table will create papers on multiples of three. So you will get three papers at once and that would be enough for you to make a book.

2. Add items to make Paper in Minecraft

The recipe that you need to make paper is 3 Sugar Canes. All you have to do is place the sugar canes on the grids exactly as it shows in the following picture.

Make paper in Minecraft
Sugar Cane on the Table

This pattern should exactly be like this pattern. As you have provided the supplies, a box with three papers will appear on the corner.

3. Move the Papers to the inventory

Now that you have crafted the papers you need, you have to move them to your Inventory.

Move the crafted items to the Inventory

Here you go, you are done making your papers. See how simple it was to make papers?

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