Introduction of Game Development

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game development

What is game development?

Game development is the   process of making a game. Simply it is a process which is used to produce software with art, audio, and game play. Game developer who carries out the development process.  The development process can spread through the individual developer to large business.

History of game development.

First video games were invented in 1958. It was a very simple tennis game, similar to the “Pong ” in 1970s.  Although it needed mainframe computer for implementation .As well as not available to the public. Due to less capabilities and facilities of the computers individual developer could develop a full game. Gradually customer expectations became high and made it difficult to single developer to handle a full game. Normally world famous pc , console manufactures ,such as Microsoft ,Sony , Nintendo take from one to three years to complete a one full game.

Game developing companies.

There are several games development companies in the world.

  • Nintendo.

Some of the notable video games developed in this company are Mario, Pokemon , The legend of Zelda.

  • Valve corporation.

Some of the work produced by valve corporation includes Half-life series, Dota 2 , day of defeat series and etc.

  • Rockstar Games.

Rockstar is the outstanding gaming company in the world. Their notable video games among many others are  Bully, Grand theft auto, Red dead and etc.

  • Electronic Arts.

Several video games have been produced by this company such as FIFA series, Star wars series, Battlefield series and etc.

  • Sega Games Co.Ltd.

A  Subsidiary of large group Sega Holdings. Some of the best selling game consoles from this company are  Total war, Virtua Fighter , Sonic the hedgehog and Yakuza.

  • Sony computer entertainment.

It is a subsidiary company of the large sony corporation. Some of the games from the Sony computer entertainment include play station series 1-4 and vita version.

  • Microsoft corporation.

World famous company  in the game development industry. They have a successful video game brand like Xbox.

  • Sonic Team

It is a subsidiary of Sega in 2000. Some of the popular video game which are produced by sonic team are like Sonic adventure, sonic the hedgehog , sonic the hedgehog2  and etc.

  • BioWare

It is owned by electronic Art. Some of the products from Bioware are Mass Effect series, Dragon Age series, Republic series and etc.

  • Epic Games

The company has produced many video games, among them Bullet storms, Castle of the winds, Kiloblaster and one must fall: 2097.

Types of games.

game development

There are several types of games in the world such as video, computer and mobile games.

Video games- It is an electronic game that includes human interaction with the user interface to generate visual feedbacks on a TV screen or computer monitor. Personal computers and video games console are few examples for the platforms which are used to play video games. Those platforms spread from large mainframe computers to small handheld computers. Gamepads, Joysticks, mouse, keyboard and touch screens are the common gaming controllers which are used to play video games. Few examples for video games are pokeman logic, can kill gods, loss three eggs and etc.

Console game is played on a special electronic device which is connected to a Television set or a video monitor . It comes with the specific game controller. Examples for console games are Xbox, Play station and etc.

Personal computer game is played with the video monitor which is connected to the personal computer. Examples for pc games are Myst , portal and Diablo..

Handheld gaming device is a small and portable device .Console, a Small screen, speakers, buttons, joystick or other gaming controllers in a single unit. Examples for Handheld gaming are Angry birds, Rolando, Doodle Jump and Flight control..

How to plan a game development?

Game development is a huge process with number of steps. Nowadays  lot of game development companies are following  below stages to create a good game.

Initial Planning.

Game designers and the marketing team will meet the client and will discuss the strategy, feasibility, technology and other details. And also this will address issues such as analysis of an existing portfolio, current demographics, additional player recruitment, emerging new trends and technologies.

Technical Review.

Game development engineers will review the documents which are provided by the clients to clarify the technical issues .This will save the time wasting in the integration process.

Initial Themes & concept Art.

Game development company will submit themes, names, concept art, and description to the client to get approval.

Features and Mathematics.

Game design and Mathematics departments will design relevant  unique math models to the designed game .

Art and creative design.

In this stage game designers design Art, design elements  , Animations and the music to the game  and pass  to the client approval.


Then game development team will integrate the game to the appropriate provider platform such as API, server or something from the client.


All game assets and release documentation will be delivering to the client according to the client-company contract.


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