What is Bigger Than the Universe?

What is bigger than the universe? This is a controversial question that we are about to discuss during this article. Most people believe that there is nothing bigger than the universe. That is the biggest of all. But some scientists and cosmologists have another idea about that. Rather than talk about nothing, we will discuss these dimensions.

What is bigger than the universe

As it was mentioned before, this topic is controversial. To identify what's bigger than the universe, we should first know how big is it. But, humankind has not yet determined its size. Most importantly, we are not even sure if it has an end. Once I heard from a preacher, that when you find the end of the universe, you will also find the rest of it.

Where did it all begin?

We all are aware of the Big Bang Theory or at least you may have heard of it. According to that theory, the beginning of the universe has happened 14 billion years ago. It was a tiny globe of fire that exploded and made the universe. Since then, it is expanding and the gravity or the internal attractive forces of matter made the planets. Anyhow, all the things that belong to the universe are made out of matter.

Although we cannot directly estimate the size of the universe, cosmologists have developed several models that suggest how large it should be. For example, if it expanded at the speed of light during the big bang, it should be 1023 times larger than the visible universe.

How universe was born
The Big Bang Expansion

Things that are bigger than the universe

Two words mainly pop out when talking about this; the Multiverse and the Cosmos. Let's see what these are and how big are they.

The Multiverse

A multiverse is an infinite number of universes placed on top of each other. These universes are unique from each other and they share a distinct pattern. Some people call this space as Omniverse. Anyhow, this is also a concept that has been built without evidence. That is because only 90 billion light-years of the universe are observable by the telescopes which are made for now. This is also a controversial amount. Sometimes, you can find this amount as 14 billion light-years. Indeed, photons in the cosmic microwave background have traveled 45 billion light-years to reach here. This gives the visible cosmos a diameter of 90 billion light-years. So, according to the calculations, 90 billion is correct.

Multiple universes are called Multiverse

Some people still believe that the idea of the multiverse is an idea that is a myth.

The Cosmos

The terms cosmos and universe are frequently confused to refer to everything that now exists. The word cosmos has come to represent a full, organized, harmonious system that follows natural law. In the same way that the universe describes all that exists. There is only a difference in the scope of the reference between these two.

What is beyond the universe?

According to scientists, what lies beyond is a space in which the universe can be expanded. This space is almost the same as it. This matches the thought that I mentioned before. So, we don't know how big it is and if it is infinite. But someday, we will be able to find answers to all the uncertainties we have with the blessing of the upcoming technologies.

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