What is the Difference Between Java and Javascript?

One of the many confusion among budding programmers is in understanding the difference between Java and JavaScript. It is often because both the terms have "Java" in their name. Therefore, some deduce that both are related to one another. Some others believe JavaScript is an extension of Java. There is also debate on which is better among the two. So it's time to clear out these doubts once and for all. Java vs JavaScript !!!

Java and JavaScript indeed did cross paths in the early developments days with Netscape. They complimented each other and still do. However, both Java and JavaScript have evolved to play significant roles in their programming and web development domains over the years. Today, they are among the most widely used languages in building various applications.

What is the Difference Between Java and JavaScript


Java is a class-based programming language. James Gosling developed this language for a Sun Microsystem project. Then in the later years, Oracle acquired the company. Initially named as "Oak" and later renamed it as Java. It is also a standalone multi-platform programming language. Java programs need a Java Development Kit. The JVM ( Java Virtual Machine) executes the codes and allows running these programs on any platform. Thus Java is referred to as "write once and run anywhere."

Developers use Java for building Android applications and enterprise software, integrating server-side technologies.


JavaScript is a scripting language. It is used in designing interactive web pages with animations and validations. We can fuse dynamic text along with HTML to enhance web development. It is also famous for client-side programming and can be written using any text editor. It swiftly runs on the web browser as it doesn't utilize resources from the webserver. Moreover, other programming languages also use JavaScript to develop responsive web applications.

The JavaScript code is lighter, facilitating prompt feedback. It is also relatively faster than Java, so small and interactive web applications usually use JavaScript for development.

Top Differences – Java vs JavaScript

An object-oriented programming language.An object-based scripting language.
A compiled programming language. The java code is compiled into bytecode and then run on the JVM.An interpreted scripting language. The browser directly interprets the syntax of the code.
A strongly typed language. Thus data types and variables must be declared.A loosely typed language. Thus data types are not declared, and variable declaration is flexible.
Java applications can run on any virtual machine(JVM) or browser.JavaScript codes run on web browsers based on compatibility. So, it does not require any initial setup.
Java is class-based and adopts a blueprint that includes properties and methods. Then Java derives objects from these classes.JavaScript is prototype-based, allowing objects to inherit from other objects directly.
Java employs static type checking, checking variables at compile time.JavaScript implements dynamic type checking and verifies code at runtime.
Java program uses more memory.JavaScript requires less memory; hence it is used in web pages.
Java maintains a thread-based approach to concurrency. Thus developers can work on multiple threads parallelly.JavaScript embraces an event-based approach to concurrency. A single thread responds to events.
Java supports multithreading allowing one to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.JavaScript doesn’t support multi-threading.
It has a file extension ".Java".It has file extension ".js"
Java supports the Enum data type used in declaring a set of constants.JavaScript doesn’t have a set of constant declarations.
Java's switch structure accepts only constants.JavaScript's switch structure accepts any values.

In conclusion, Java and JavaScript are not the same. They have their own roles in the programming world and are critical players in their specific arena.

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