Apple VR enables the use of your fingers as 3D controllers

Apple VR enables fingers as 3D controllers Get Basic Idea

Apple granted a patent from the US patent & trademark office. A system that enables Apple VR users to use their fingers. As a result, this will give the chance for users to use their fingers as controllers. This granted patent contains in-air gesture recognition and 3D finger modeling. This is the tech that rumored about the Apple VR.

Apple VR is yet to announce but after this news confirms its arrival. Before, Apple has already announced the apple glasses. But with this news we can be sure, this is the first product coming out before the apple glasses and apple glass will get the inspiration from this product.

The patent also contains a diagram, which gives us an idea about how the tech going to work.

Tech idea about Apple VR
Credits: US Patent & Trademark Office

According to the above image, we can get a basic idea that how the newest technology of apple going to work.

it will generate a 3D model of a fingerprint of the user and using some depth sensors and cameras mentioned in the document, will work with a contour align base algorithm. It sounds familiar to the tracking software in oculus quest 2. But still, it interesting to see how this will work in 2022.

But the thing is this tech could be expensive. And also Apple VR may contain some AR functions but is mainly focused on VR. But this product is still in the early stage of production. But this gives some hints about the apple VR.

So what we can expect with rumored Apple VR?

Apple VR 2022
Apple Virtual Reality concept

Maybe this can include 8K displays and eye-tracking software to save before mentioned 8K displays stopping draining the battery so fast. An additionally it may include a wearable haptic controller to work alongside new in-air gestures and 3D modeling fingers. According to rumors VR headset will be light-weighted around 100g to 200g.

Now, what will be the price range of Apple VR? We know about apple, right?

According to information price will start around $2990 and upwards. In the future, if you are thinking about buying one you should start to save money from now on. Apple makes fine products. That's true. But when you can buy something like Oculus quest 2 for $300 why you should spend a product that costs 10 time

We have to wait until 2022 to see what makes Apple VR makes so special.

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