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CokerNutX is an iOS app installer which is very much the same as AppValley, Tweakbox, Panda Helper, and TopStore but this is an application that is much better. This app offers its users a brand-new method to install and to be able to experience a broader range of tweaked apps and games on their iOS devices without revoking or jailbreaking. The app, CokerNutX is actually one of the latest 3rd part app installers which have more than a million global users. The best thing for users is that this app also supports Android devices.

CokerNutX App

As it is known, apps for iOS devices can be only downloaded from the Apple App Store. Also, you can only access your country's app store. In addition, you must register for a personal account with Apple. But you can download your iOS application with just a few clicks from CokernutX, an independent third-party utility software.

You don't have to do any formality at the official app store you are requesting. The best thing about this application is that there is a wide library of modified and adjusted, high-quality iOS apps and games which are non-prisoning. Moreover, because there are no revocations, the CokernutX app does not ask for the app to be reinstalled. It's 100% free and it's always free for your life.

To download the app on your iOS or Android device, follow the simple steps below.

How to Install CokernutX on iPhone:

Users will have to tap on the download link given above to install the configuration profile and then install it to proceed.

CokerNutX - Install on iOS

Users will have to go to their home screen, where they will be able to see the app icon. They shouldn’t tap to open it yet, or it will display an error message like this “Untrusted Enterprise Developer “

CokerNutX - Download & Install
  • And then users have to proceed to Settings > General > Profile and trust the app profile.
How to install
  • After it is done, users are equipped to use the CokerNutX App.  

How to Install CokerNutX on Android:

  1. Users have to Download the CokerNutX APK file from the link above which enables to allow this Source option on Android
  2. Users can subsequently then start using the CokerNutX app on their android phone.

Error Fixes:

The Untrusted Developer Error is the most common error. Therefore as a result this may occur when you have failed to select "confidence," when adjusting the settings before installing the application store in profiles and system management.

Follow the steps mentioned below to fix the error.

  1. Follow this path: Settings > General > Profile.
  2. Select the profile of CokernutX.
  3. Tap on the “Trust”.

CokerNutX App Features:

Users of iPhone frequently look to download and install non-store applications and games. Consequently, they obtain the search results for the new browser searches with different other methods, in many cases ineffective, for downloading and installing software.

However, users can look and trust CokernutX to install a large variety of applications. It includes the latest tweaked software and popular mod games. Some are not even available in the Apple iOS iPhone/iPad non-commercial app store.

App Features
  • A number of applications and games, including content and tweaks from third parties
  • Quick to set up
  • User-friendly app
  • Offers security SSL encryption
  • No jailbreak or rooting of your computer required.
  • Works for all versions of iOS and Android.
  • Free to download and use entirely.
  • Malware and viruses free.
  • Tweaked Apps & Hacked Games
  • A Library with more than 5k+ apps and games.

Its popularity grows because it's repealed – it's free and it gives a range of great features to people worldwide. In the meantime, while technically a newbie, it already has more than 1 million users worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a list of general concerns, you will find those that you don't understand.

  • What is CokernutX?

It's an unofficial app store full of over 5,000 iOS and Android applications and games, including exclusive unofficial applications and tweaks. Check the following (infographic). CokernutX is an app store for a third party where users can download and install applications and games such as iOS or Android, such as GooglePaly or Appstore. There are a number of applications on this site, such as Spotify PokemonGo or YouTube Instagram, or Movie Box. There are so many applications on our platform. 

  • How do you choose which apps and games to release?

Usually, at the beginning of days, most of the popular app shops and games were released. Later on, they started to concentrate on the application of jailbreak communities like tweak apps and games, and some app shops are not available on their website.

  • Is CokerNutX App Free?

Yeah, it is free to download the CokerNutX software, and all applications and games are free too. This app is always open to everyone who looks for it, people do not have to pay anything.

  • Does CokernutX needs Apple accounts and devices must to be jailbreak?

Both iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices (Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8, Huawei, Samsung) are supported by the CokernutX network. Therefore the users do not need to jailbreak or root their computer. But users must note that the iOS system of their devices should be higher than 8.0.

  • Is CokerNutX App Safe?

Yes, installing and using the CokerNutX app is totally secure whereas its protection has been already checked.

  • Can the CokernutX developers be contacted?

The developers of the CokerNutX app can be definitely contacted. On their social media pages, the safest way to do this (Twitter).

  • Why Should You Download CokernutX?

CokernutX is the latest in a long line and while not as many applications and games as any other, it does have quality content. That is to say that It is constant, safe, and flexible to use, not to mention free, and provides users with an excellent application experience.

CokernutX is the best alternative. The iOS apps store recognized as a revocation-friendly app store among many modified app stores. The app, CokerNutX is actually one of the new 3rd part app installers which have more than a million global users. The great thing for users is that this software also supports Android devices.

Check out the below video to get an idea on how to To Install CokerNutX app for free.

Download today CokernutX, don't forget to tell us about the app's experience and track all the latest news on Facebook.

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