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TweakBox – We all have heard about jailbreaking. But sometimes it harmful to our mobile devices. Then we have to download third party apps either without jailbreaking or without getting any harm to our device. Then already you have questioned this, here is the answer. Answer is the TweakBox. You do not want to worry about jailbreaking your device anymore. Let’s talk a about TweakBox and get to know more.

It may be that you think why this TweakBox is more important among there are a lot of Google play Store alternatives. Because, it is the number one application installer. It is contesting with Emus4U, Cydia, Ac Market and Panda Helper. How they become first? Simply because of their features. What are the highlighted features that TweakBox have more than other apps? There are mainly categorized into them as iOS apps, TweakBox apps and Tweaked apps.

  • iOS apps – thousands of iPhone and iPad games
  • TweakBox apps – massive collection of screen recorders, movie apps, media apps, game emulators and more
  • Tweaked apps – there are tweaked versions of some apps

TweakBox has many features which are helping to attract users.

  • Fastest app installation
  • 100% safe and reliable
  • Top app features
  • No jailbreaking or rooting
  • Best customer support
  • Works on iOS 13
  • Best customer support

Then we can analysis above features how they important to TweakBox.  In the above first mentioned point I said it as a fastest app installer. Because it is 91% faster than Cydia and Cydia is the original jailbreak app store for iPhone since 2008. Talking about its performance and speed, TweakBox has one click downloads which is lightning fast for app and games.

You know what? Every apps in TweakBox have being gone through a 3-stage quality check. So, user does not need to worry about the safe of the apps. First app developers themselves test apps continuously for stability. Then second step, experienced users involve doing its beta test on the official Reddit channel. Finally, apps are tested before adding to TweakBox app store. But only they allow to add apps which pass the test. The fastest route of reporting apps and non- working apps is the official twitter page.

We all know Apple iOS 13 has bigger and better performance than before released versions. I do not want talk about their security performance, and everyone knows how it does work. But each Apple user afraid to jailbreak their devices. Because there are some issues will appear if user jailbreak or root device. Then TweakBox is much safer and it does not ask jailbreak or root your device.

Jailbreaking and rooting will be reasons to invalidate user’s device warranty. Then everyone will happy for that using TweakBox without jailbreaking or rooting.

As a customer we can get some issues or some misunderstandings about using apps. Then we will disappoint if we cannot get proper answers through developers. It is an amazing thing every day over 1 million users download apps through TweakBox.

There is a doubt you may have which is why should try TweakBox. Seriously, you can explore a many way of facilities by using TweakBox. Then discuss what are them.

  • Does not need to install Cydia
  • Easy to install and use mainly
  • Not hard to delete the app
  • User warrant also safe
  • Huge collection of apps
  • Collection of third-party apps

TweakBox compatible with apple devices which are iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPod touch and PC and Mac book.

How to download and install TweakBox app

Download and install TweakBox for Apple users.

1st step: download TweakBox through internet by clicking allow message that appear on the screen.

2nd step: tap on the install button

3rd step: then verify them

4th step: enter passcode and stay couple of minutes to load safari browser.

5th step: click on install and then you can see settings will open

6th step: then click install and click next and Done

 7th step: app icon will on the home screen

8th step: launch the app and then you can find the category which is your favorite apps and download them.

Download and install TweakBox to your PC or Mac book.

1st step: download android emulator to computer. (You can use Bluestacks or nox and here, I am going to discuss steps using Bluestacks. Because it is the most popular Android emulator)

2nd step: then download the Android APK file for TweakBox

3rd step: next you have to save it and you should remember where it has been saved

4th step: double click on file

5th step: file will be opened automatically if file will be installed completely. (you can right click on the APK file and go through open with and Bluestacks, if this will not work)

6th step: after installation completed it will be shown in the home page.

7th step: click on it and start using the installer

Note: if you use Nox, then you can follow the same instructions given above.

How to use TweakBox

It is not hard to use.

  • There is an icon on the Home screen
  • You can see a menu bar also
  • Choose the apps that you want to download which are third party apps
  • List of the categories also there
  • Then navigate to one that you want to download
  • Click install
  • Follow instructions which will appear on the screen
  • Install games or apps that you want
  • If you get any error, I discussed common errors and solutions below and follow the solution steps.
  • Then trust it and start the using app

Then sometimes you need to delete this apps. Just try below steps to delete this apps.

How to delete TweakBox from the device.

You can delete from settings

  • Open settings app
  • Go to General and then Profile
  • Find the TweakBox profile and tap it
  • Tap on remove profile and close settings, then it will be removed

From the Homescreen, you can delete the app

  • Long press on the app
  • Then icon will start wiggling
  • Tap on the cross in the top left corner of the icon
  • Click delete on the confirmation message and app will be removed

Restoring your iOS device

  • Check most up to date iTunes version
  • Back up data
  • Disable find my iPhone/ iPad
  • Disable passcode
  • Open iTunes
  • Connect device to computer
  • Enter passcode, if asked
  • Click yes on the Trust this computer message 
  • Click device summary in ITunes for the connected devices
  • Click restore
  • Confirm restore again
  • iTunes will restore your device and TweakBox will be removed.
  • Device will reboot and you can start over

Restoring from iTunes BackUp

  • Open iTunes and connect your iPad or iPhone
  • Enter your passcode, if only it asked
  • Then click trust this computer
  • Click device summary for device that you are going to restore
  • Tap on restore back up
  • Select the backup which you need from this list
  • Tap on restore
  • Just wait to iTunes restore your device
  • It may need to put your passcode, but it should leave device and computer along
  • Device should stay connected and it will sync with PC
  • Once finished disconnect it and start using device again

Some issues which are faced by users and fixes.

TweakBox has some common errors sometimes. They are white screen-blank screen error, stopped working, invalid argument supplied, unable to download TweakBox app, profile installation failed error, untrusted developer error, App revoked issue and update CMP Issue etc. let’s discuss their problems and solutions one by one.

White screen-blank screen error

you can easily fix this error by following below instructions, if there is a White screen on TweakBox app.

  • Just open setting
  • Then go to Safari and clear website data

Stopped working issue

If app source cannot be verified, this error will be happened. Follow below steps to solve this problem.

  • First, Delete TweakBox from device.
  • Second, install the app again.
  • Third, open settings, go to general and profiles and device management.
  • Locate the app certificate
  • Tap on the trust or Verify

Invalid argument supplied issue

have you ever faced with invalid Argument Supplied error message, easily fix it.

  • Delete it from device
  • Then reinstall TweakBox
  • Restart device
  • Open TweakBox and check updates. (if there are some updates apply them and you can see it will work properly)

Unable to download TweakBox app

You tried and tried download TweakBox, but it did not download? It seems a common error. You can simply

  • remove copies of TweakBox
  • then reboot device
  • finally try to download again

Profile installation failed error

it usually happens when Apple servers are overloaded with traffic. Easiest thing is you can wait couple of minutes and try. But it does not work, follow below things and try it.

  • Turn on Airplane mode on your device
  • Go to settings and then open Safari browser
  • Click on the clear History and Website data
  • Then click clear History and data
  • Next turn off Airplane mode and leave device for minutes
  • Try to install TweakBox again

Untrusted developer error

If you are trying to download apps from outside iOS app store, like sideloaded and Cydia impactor or from external sources, this untrusted developer error will happen.  Apple inspections are not passed these apps. But in spite of this perfectly safe to use them. Apple warns if there are not trusted apps. Fixing this is not hard.

  • Open settings apps
  • Go to general and profile device management and TweakBox app profile
  • Search app profile and find it
  • Tap on the app
  • Click on trust
  • Close settings and go to home screen and double click on the icon which is appeared on the home.

It should be with no irritating pop up warnings.

App revoked issue

TweakBox is not an official app installer. So, Apple will regularly revoke the certificate and then app will be crashed. As a solution user can use Anti-Revoke or using VPN tool will be stopped this issue.

First, we can talk about Anti-revoke method.

Simply you can download NoThx to your device and it helps to stop revoke those certificates.

It works like a dummy of VPN and this dummy will support to hide your location where you try to download third party apps. Then Apple cannot detect the place. This is the best way to cover tracks and helps to download exactly what you need to Apple device.

How to download and install NoThx;

  • Download TweakBox first.
  • Open it.
  • Search Nothx – there is an in-built handy tab.
  • Click on the install and follow the instructions

With NoThx, you can see the new world of apps. No need to buy expensive apps anymore. You can get those apps free as well.

If you find alternative, you can find LazarusJailed app. It works similar to NoThx. But different developers.

Second, you can use VPN if above method does not work.

After successful testing with the commercial VPN and TweakBox it reveled that TweakBox installer helps to download a lot of apps and games free. There are 2 kinds of VPN s which are paid and non-paid. If it is better, you can use paid one. Because free VPN do not offer anywhere near the protection, but paid ones are passed to do that.  

Update CMP Issue

  • simply go to Settings
  • go to Safari and clear website data
  • open App section again

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