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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

We live in an age where trackers are slowly becoming out of control. They track us everywhere we go and manipulate what we see in search results to become extremely and unnervingly relevant. This might seem like a good thing. But, when you really think about it, this manipulation works in the favor of the corporate world rather than the public. Mainstream browsers like Google manage entire profiles on user preferences to show as many related ads as they possibly can. And, these ads follow us to every platform making it pretty obvious that our privacy within Google and other big browsers is almost non-existent. This is where the DuckDuckGo privacy browser become a useful tool for internet searching.

DuckDuckGo search engine is mainly known as an anti-Google search engine. And, they recently launched a mobile browser for both android and iOS. With the DuckDuckGo privacy browser, you can finally push back against Google. This browser prioritizes user privacy above all else. It doesn’t track users. So, you’re completely safe and anonymous while searching. DuckDuckGo privacy browser has been downloaded by over ten million Android and iOS users. Here’s why you should download this browser as well.

No tracking

DuckDuckGo Private Browser Protection

DuckDuckGo does not track or gather any of your personal information. This is a stark contrast to popular browsers such as Google which gather various user data including medical and financial information. From Google shopping, to-do lists, and calendars, they provide countless services designed to gather this information. And, Google is free to use this data to compose profiles on their users with the sole aim to show paid advertisements. Worst of all, Google has a wide ad network composed of millions of websites. So, these ads can follow us anywhere we go on the internet.

DuckDuckGo notoriously avoids any kind of tracking and is adamant about protecting the privacy of users by disabling trackers without crashing websites. Rather than showing ads based on user profiles, this browser shows ads based on search terms. So, DuckDuckGo can earn ad revenue without breaching privacy. Searches you do on DuckDuckGo are not saved in a search history. So, there’s no way for advertisers to tie you back to your previous searches.

Search results are good enough

One thing we all adore about Google is its relevance in search results. And, this relevance is an outcome of years and years of data collection in user profiles. Although this is somewhat convenient, users don't always need it. We mostly use Google to ask questions that have straightforward answers. (for example, a recipe, song lyrics, latest news on politics, etc.) And, you definitely don’t need Google to get the answers you need. DuckDuckGo can provide the exact results as Google without all the additional tracking and prying into your privacy. So, although DuckDuckGo may not answer very specific questions as fast as Google, for usual, general searches, this browser’s search results are more than enough.

Unbiased results

When you search something on Google, the first few results that come up endorse Google products endlessly. From movie casts to showing the location, Google singlehandedly dominates a range of industries in search results. Other websites and services that provide the exact results are usually buried under a plethora of Google products and services. This monopoly is a result of Google's bias towards its own products. In short, whether you like it or not, your search results will always be about Google. DuckDuckGo is will show no bias towards any product or service. So, it will show relevant results on the top search results page rather than product endorsements.

Customer support of DuckDuckGo privacy browser

If you have ever used Google, you know that they don’t prioritize customer inquiries unless you have a large following and are influential on the platform. DuckDuckGo is very different from this. You can ask them any question you may encounter while using this browser. They are always committed to providing good support through their social media, email, and other contact methods.

Simple, easy-to-use interface

The DuckDuckGo browser is very easy to use. The search page resembles the Google search page with a single field to enter any search term you want. And, once you do a search the browser will bring together results from a range of sources. At the top, you can adjust the menu to fine-tune your results. And, just like in Google, the DuckDuckGo privacy browser provide quick answers for some questions in its infobox usually placed first on a search results page. Doing a search in DuckDuckGo is extremely simple for users because of its familiar user interface.

Download DuckDuckGo privacy browser

You can download the DuckDuckGo privacy browser to your device on the official web site.

The Bottom Line


DuckDuckGo is proof that the internet can be convenient as well as private. Although the company is comparatively smaller than the tech giant, Google, it definitely shows promise to guide the internet to a world where users are given the privacy and anonymity they deserve to have. Download the DuckDuckGo privacy browser today to stop worrying and start browsing like no one’s watching. Because with DuckDuckGo, no one will be watching.

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