Google Pixel Watch leak, rumors, release date, and what we know about it

Google Pixel Watch

At last, it's coming, or is it? smartwatches and fitness trackers are one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Google Pixel Watch will be the first smartwatch from Google. A successor to the Apple Watch 6 which holds more than 40% of the market share. It won't be an instant hit but with time it will get improved. This topic came to the stage when Jon Prosser, after twitting about the smartwatch by Google. The Tech world has gone wild and again rumors and news start to share on the internet. In the tweet Jon Prosser said,

According to his tweet, he has some leaked images of the Google Pixel Watch. Google codenamed the watch as "Rohan". Later Jon released the youtube video and he said he got the information from inside of Google and he re-created the images for keeping the leaked images a secret.

This has given a glimpse into the tech world about Google newest Wear OS. Earlier in mid-2018 Google started to work on its smartwatch. So everyone thought the watch is coming with Pixel 3 and 3XL. But it didn't happen However leaked image of the smartwatch of Google give us a promise that the smartwatch may be announcing soon. With the hype of the watch we are going to look at the releasing dates, design, specs, OS, price range, and competitors in the market.

Why it takes too long to come

Google long last waiting for the smartwatches and fitness trackers market gives us clues that they are building a perfect watch for the market. Because entering the market with a prototype won't work for them when the other brands already established their name on the market. However, they are already behind in the market. But they can't fall so much behind a fast-growing market. According to market researches smartwatch and fitness trackers market is expected to grow 108 million in 2024 registering a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 14.5% from 2019 to 2024. In this period time, IoT-based watches will be the trend to work alongside other IoT devices making people's life more quality. With the higher demand for wireless sports devices, Google can't wait too much with their Google Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch Release Dates

Still, that is not clear. It can be happening this year either at Pixel 6 launch end of this year or in Google IO. Google confirmed the event happening this May 18-20. However, the event is so close to the beginning, and with the few rumors, we can be sure that the smartwatch not announcing at Google IO. Rumors like this came to the stage in 2018 and 2019 also. The biggest news that causes these rumors to pop up when Google bought fit bit in January. But that deal happened recently. so the technology in a fit bit is not landing in near future. Also, there is another news that Google ordered some kind of processor from Samsung that capable of detecting body movements. But Samsung still working on that processors. According to these facts, what I have to say that we can't see the device this year.


Google Pixel Watch Design

We get so many rumors about the watch's technology but nothing about the design. Because when a product is going release in near future, there was a hype about the product and there will be rumors and images about the design. But Google Pixel doesn't have a thing like that. So we hadn't any idea about the design of the watch until Jon Prosser says he got some actual design images inside from Google. He is famous for leaking news about apple products which he has sources around the company and in the supply chain also. early 2020 he said details about the new iPhone SE correctly weeks before the launch event.

Source from Front Page Tech

According to those images he re-created the Google Pixel Watch images. And if is it true, It is going to be an awesome smartwatch to have. Accordingly, Jon Prosser Design-wise display panel is perfectly round and no bezels. And you have 20 band options for the watch. UI-wise it will be a pretty clean interface. Google is known for their hardware, look at the Pixel phones. So we can guarantee that the hardware of the Google Pixel watches much better than the other watches.

Google Pixel Watch OS

Google Pixel Watch Ware OS
Google WareOS

There is not any surprise about the software on the watch. When it's come to the OS we know that Google is the best in the software business. The OS will be Google's own popular ware OS. We can see ware OS features like heart rate monitoring via Google fit, contactless payment with Google Pay, and hand-free Google assistant access. With Google's watch we can expect a much better connection between Google ecosystem hardware like Google Home, Google clips, Pixel phones, Daydream view, etc:

Google Pixel Watch display
Leaked image of a Google Pixel Watch display

Specs and Features

Still, we can't predict features correctly. It's hard to say anything about the hardware beyond the software. From a software standpoint, we can say it will contain the basic features of a Ware OS.

Google Pixel Watch Price

The next thing is the cost of the smartwatch. Not as much like the apple watch, I guess. It will be priced near somewhere apple watch 6 and galaxy watch 3. This means the price around is $399. So Google will try to keep it in the mid-price category. But we can not be expected to be the cheapest option in the smartwatch market. But it could be priced in the $299 – $399 range. It all depends on the hardware that use to build the watch.

Competition in the smartwatch market

Global smart rtwatch shipment share Q4 2020
global smartwatch shipment share Q4 2020

Competition wise Google's main competitor will be with Apple watch 6 that has released last September 2020. It represents 40% of the market share in smartwatches and fitness trackers market share. Shipping 12.9 million units worldwide it has increased their sales by 6%. Samsung galaxy watch holds 10% of the market share. These statics are for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch 6 has a 40% share in the market

Apple Watch 6 newest generations of smartwatch featuring features like an always-on display, s6 chip, always on altimeter, blood oxygen monitoring at the price point of just for $399. The tech giant released new models of the smartwatch every September. So the newest apple watch 7 is coming on the way and it will come with some upgrades and improvements.

Samsung Galaxy watch 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch is also starting in the price range of $399. With the features like FDA- approved ECG sensors, Spo2 and VO2 max reading, a set of watch faces and slimmed design made a next-gen winner in the smartwatch and fitness tracker market. These two warbles will be the main competitors for the Google Pixel Watch when it is released to the market.

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