How to Combine Videos on iPhone?

How to Combine Videos on iPhone

There are several methods and platforms that you can use to merge or combine videos on iPhone. Let's find out about them.

Merge Videos using iMovie

The iMovie app is a default application that you can find on your iPhone. If you don't have this app on your iPhone, go to the App Store and download it. Now, you can follow the following steps.

  • Open the iMovie app
Use iMovie App to combine videos on iPhone
  • Select Create Project
Tap Create Project to merge videos
Create Project
  • Then tap Movie on the pop-up screen
How to combine videos on iPhone: Press Movie
  • After that, go to Media
Go to Media to find your video
  • Tap on Video
  • If you don't find the videos you want, tap All
  • Tap the first video you want and tap on the check-mark to add the video
Select the Video
Select Video
  • Then select the second video and tap the check-mark
  • Now press Create Movie to combine your videos
Press Create Movie to merge
Create Movie
  • You can adjust the videos by tapping the Transition icon between the clips
  • Once you are finished doing the editing tap on Done. This will save the video on iMovie
Press Done if you are finished editing the video to combine videos on iPhone
Merge Video
  • You can share the video by pressing Share
  • To save the video in the Photos app library, tap Save

Combine videos on iPhone with Videoshop

Videoshop is not a free application, but there is a 7-day free trial. In this application, there are additional editing options that you can use. Anyhow, the followings are the steps that you can use to combine video files using the Videoshop application.

  • Open Videoshop application
Open Videoshop app
  • Tap on Import
Press Import in Videoshop app
  • You will need to allow the application for your photos. Press Allow Access to All Photos
  • Tap on the videos you want to merge in the correct order
Select videos you want to combine in an order
Select videos
  • Then press Done in the upper right corner
Press Done
  • Tap on the Save icon in the upper right corner
Save your video
  • There you can share the video by tapping the relevant application or you can save it to the device by pressing Save to Camera Roll

Use FilmoraGo to combine videos

This app is a free application but you will need to subscribe to FilmoraGo Pro to work on additional editing options.

  • Open the FilmoraGo app
FilmoraGo App
  • Tap on New Project to start
Tap on New Project
New Project
  • Press Allow Access to All Photos
  • Tap on Videos to select the videos
Choose Videos you want to combine videos on iPhone
Choose videos
  • Select the videos in the order to merge
  • Then tap Import
Tap on Import
  • Tap Export to save the video
Tap on Export to save video
  • Now tap Save Video to save the video to the device

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