How to Unmute Someone on Instagram?

How to unmute someone on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to update your daily activities with your friends and family. Compared with other social media apps, it's up to you to decide who to follow. If you want to avoid someone on Instagram, use the mute option. It is the easiest way to hide your update from someone who doesn't want to see it. Instagram is a very user-friendly app, and you can easily handle the functions when you unmute someone on Instagram.

Now let's show you step-by-step how to unmute someone on Instagram.

Step 01: Open the Instagram app on your device.

Step 02: By tapping "search" at the bottom, you will go to the profile you want to mute.

Step 03: Type the account’s name in the search bar and select their profile when it appears.

Select their profile

Step 04: Tap "following" below their profile info.

Tap "Following"-How to unmute someone on Instagram

Step 05: Press "mute".

Tap "mute"- How to unmute someone on Instagram

Step 06: Tap on the slider next to "posts" and "stories".

Mute posts and stories

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