Is AltStore Safe as an Alternate App Store?

Is AltStore Safe?

AltStore comes as an alternative App Store for iPhones and iPads. It is one of the best alternative for CokernutX. As this is an open-source app store, and it contains many applications that the Apple App Store doesn't provide, people intended to get this on their iPhones. Also, there is no need to jailbreak to get applications through this store. But, there was huge doubt on their minds; is AltStore Safe?

Here are some reasons, that AltStore can be risky.

Providing your Apple ID

While you may believe that entering your Apple ID is safe and that no one is interested in it, this is not the case. AltStore's backend code may have a bug that steals your Apple ID and sends it to their server. They may potentially share this information with third parties. This is a risk to you and your devices. AltStore asks for your Apple ID twice, which is a bit suspicious. You might give them two distinct Apple IDs so they can gain more information.

But as a solution for this, you can make a fake Apple account and provide that information. But, yet, no one is sure if the AltStore is safe.

Is AltStore safe for your computer?

Once you provide your Apple ID, Altstore installs its application on your PC. Therefore, in this way, they have your computer details as well. So, there is a probability of your computer to be hacked. Furthermore, it requests the installation of a new mail client, which may have an impact on your mailing activity and there is a threat to your information stored in mail.

On the other hand, the Windows operating system identifies AltStore as malware. It is detected as a Trojan Virus.

AltStore can have your information in PC - is AltStore Safe
AltStore in PC

Background Activity

Another scary thing AltStore does on your PC is, it always runs in your background. Also, some have reported that after installing AltStore to their iPhone, the phone started to heat up unusually. We don't know the actual reason for this background activity in AltStore. But, some people believe that it may be executing some codes, installing codes, and do any sort of changes on your device. No one knows the truth other than the developers themselves.

Apart from these reasons, there is another reason to trust this store. The reason is, there is not any kind of damage reported regarding this application. The things that scare people were are listed above.

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