How to Tame a Fox In Minecraft?

If you are interested in Minecraft, you might surely be interested to tame a fox in Minecraft. And why is that? Because he can be the cutest companion for you. They are usually roaming with their gang or the pack when they are wild. But they can be tamed to roam with you.

How to Tame a Fox In Minecraft

Where to find foxes?

Foxes can be found in packs and they can have different appearances according to where you find them. There are specific places where you can find foxes. They can be found in Grove Biomes such as grove, old-growth pine taiga, old-growth spruce taiga, snowy taiga, and taiga.

To tame a fox you'll need two of them. you'll know why.

Trap a fox

Even if you found two foxes it will still be needing to go with its pack as it is not tamed yet. Before taming you'll need to isolate the foxes you need. There are several ways to do it.

Attaching a lead to it and walking away from other groups of furry animals is one technique to accomplish this. Ensure that it is well-cared. If you do not have a lead, you can find them in the wild or you can craft them. It will only cost four strings and one slimeball.

The other way is, you can build a wall separating them from others. This wall should be at least two blocks high. This may seem impossible. But as foxes are nocturnal you can find them asleep during the daytime. While they are asleep, you can build a wall surrounding one of them.

Foxes in Minecraft - Tame a Fox In Minecraft
Sleeping Foxes

Tame a fox in Minecraft

Now you are here for the best part. You can tame a fox by feeding it sweet berries or glow berries. The two foxes will enter Love Mode once you feed them, and a young fox will spawn in a few seconds. Now that the baby fox has arrived, you can either feed it berries to quicken its growing or wait for it to mature. The two foxes who gave you the baby fox will still be terrified of you, but the baby fox will no longer be afraid of you once it grows up. You'll have earned its confidence.

Furthermore, if you breed a white and a red fox, their kid will have a 50% chance of being either white or red. If they are of the same color, will create the same sort of cub.

But yet, your fox will not walk with you. You'll need to put a lead and carry it with you. After some time being friendly to your pet, he will save you from other mobs by attaching them.

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