The View Once Update on WhatsApp

The view once update on WhatsApp

Yes, all of us are aware of the view-once option available across most social media. WhatsApp has been adding them to the plethora of their options with time. First, the video and picture view once the option was tested and implemented.

Now, they are working and testing the view once message option in a beta version. It will be finalized and updated in time. This feature would allow a user to send a message that will disappear once the receiver has viewed it. It will no longer be available for both users as soon as it is viewed.

And it will also restrict the screenshot option and will be unable to be forwarded as well. These factors would allow sharing of confidential private messages across the platform without the fear of them being spread.

The message will only be saved if the receiver uses another phone to capture an image of the screen and nothing more. Now that even LinkedIn has given the user the post-scheduling option recently.

We can look forward to having this feature in an upcoming update, as it is currently available in the beta version.

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