Post Scheduling Has Finally Arrived on LinkedIn

Post scheduling has finally arrived on LinkedIn

Most of us have seen tremendous interest and attention given to social media marketing. And, something that has helped the content creators and specialists to get their posts in order and uploaded in a timely manner, is the scheduling option.

Twitter has now introduced this feature to its users and made it convenient for content creators. This option will pop up as a clock icon when you create a post. Once you click on t, you can select the date and time you want the post to be uploaded.

This way, you can enjoy a planned week and never worry about deviating from your timeline.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is now working on providing users the facility to get their accounts verified by providing their mobile numbers or primary emails. Another new feature is that they have now allowed users to add website links to their profiles.

LinkedIn prides itself on being a professional social media among others. This standard of them has been seen to be a social media of value among professionals and businesses. These added features are now paving the path to a convenient future for LinkedIn users.

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