Stranger Things 5 Is About to Follow the Footsteps of Game of Thrones

Stranger Things 5 Is About to Follow the Footsteps of Game of Thrones

All clues point us toward a glaring prediction that some of your favorite characters from the sci-fi series Stranger Things might end up dying in the next season.

Well-renowned Game of Thrones also had this habit of killing off great characters, even the fan favorites. This may also be the case for Netflix’s Stranger Things in its upcoming season.

At the ‘For Your Consideration (FYC) awards’ event on November 13, The Duffer brothers have stated either purposefully or not hinting towards it. “Just as important as the supernatural, we have so many characters now – most of who are still living,” Ross Duffer said. ‘Still, living?’ why would they bring attention to it if they were not planning to trim down the characters by the end?

There have been statements that the creators will not introduce any new characters to the show, but rather the focus will be on wrapping up the story of the existing characters.

This has put the fans of the show in a frenzy if their favorite character’s days are numbered. So far, only the title ‘Crawl’ of the upcoming season has been released. There’s also that image of the season 5 grid, which highlights that there may be a time skip in it.

They have also revealed that the next season’s episodes will be shorter than their prior seasons. It is currently in the stage of being written and will probably be shot in the upcoming year 2023.

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