What Does XD Mean in Roblox?

What Does XD Mean in Roblox

If you ever wonder what XD means in Roblox, it's just a smiley face you can use. But there are some other meanings of XD as well. Some people find this a little bit complicated. Let us help you to get rid of your confusion.

If you rotate the XD sign for 90o clockwise, you will get the following result.

XD sign rotated clockwise

Now, if you closely observe the sign, you will find the sign is quite similar to the following emoji.

What XD mean in Roblox as an emoji

The X implies the eyes and the D indicates the laughing mouth of the emoji. I bet now you are clear with the XD indication.

This XD sign indicates a laughing face. But according to the senders' intention, the meaning might be different. Typically, it refers to making someone else laugh with a joke. Anyhow, toxic people will make use of it when making fun of someone.

According to the intentions of the user to use this sign, the XD is categorized.

How XD abbreviation used in Roblox?

The followings are the meanings of XD in Roblox. On the other hand, if you concentrate on the pronunciations of each word they can be abbreviated XD for short.

  • Experience Deprived – This demonstrates someone's familiarity with the topic under discussion. It has both negative and positive ideas.
  • Extreme Disappointment – Used as a reply on forums or message boards that have been around for a while to express dissatisfaction with the person or his comment.
  • Extreme Disillusioned – This indicates that they are extremely stunned by what happened.
  • Experience Desired – It is commonly used when someone requests personal information from another user to gain experience in a particular field.
  • Extremely Dissatisfied – One could use this to express their feelings regarding anything.
  • Excessive Disapproval – This means that someone is objecting to something or some idea.
  • Extremely Disbelieve – This is similar to the words "Experience Deprived" or "Extremely Disappointed."

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