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How to make Concrete in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Concrete is available in different types of colors. Basically, there are 16 colors of concrete that can be made. Concrete is vibrant like wool but inflammable. To make concrete in Minecraft, you have to first make concrete powder.

To mine concrete, you need to have a pickaxe tool. Concrete in Minecraft usually has 1.8 hardness and 1.8 blast resistance. Concrete can make very easily. All you have to do is contact concrete powder with water. A lot of water will be required. You cannot make concrete from rain, cauldron, or using a bottle of water.

You can use this concrete when you need to decorate your area as it comes in a variety of colors. Another usage is that you can use it as a building block. Its hardness is higher than stones. Also, you can put concrete under Note Blocks to make a Bass Drum sound.

How to make Concrete Powder?

A special case is when you make concrete, there is no exact order that you should put the items. Follow the following recipe and you will make concrete powder.

  1. Open the Crafting table first.
  2. Select one dye you wish to add to your concrete.
  3. Four gravel blocks and four sand blocks are needed.
  4. Combine all of them and you will have your concrete powder.
Craft concrete powder to make concrete in Minecraft
Craft Concrete powder

Make concrete

  1. Once the concrete powder is ready with your favorite color in it you can make concrete.
  2. Put the concrete powder block on the ground.
  3. Take a bucket of water and pour them on the block.
  4. When it is done, your concrete powder block must have turned into a concrete block.

To make this process faster you can create a large number of concrete blocks at once. For this, you will need to create any number of concrete blocks at once and then use a bucket of water to convert them into concrete blocks.

Make number of concrete blocks at once.
Concrete blocks

How to make concrete in Minecraft 1.14

You can make concrete in Minecraft 1.14 the same way but the quickest way to make concrete is by using a command. For a gray concrete block, you use the following command.

/give @p grey_concrete 1

Make dye for concrete in Minecraft

To make white concrete you will first need white dye.

  1. Start the Crafting Menu.
  2. You can add one lily of the valley or one bone meal to the grid.
  3. Once they are combined you will get the white dye.

When you have obtained white dye you can use them to make white concrete. The process is the same as described before.

All the other colors are made by the same process. We will only provide you the ingredients you need to use when making the colors.

Light Gray Dye

  • Black dye + White dye
  • Gray dye + White dye
  • Azure Bluet + Oxeye Daisy
  • White tulip
  • Inc sac + Bone meal
  • Gray dye + Bone meal

Gray Dye

  • Black dye + White dye
  • Inc sac + Bone meal

Black Dye

  • Inc sac
  • Wither rose

Red Dye

  • Poppy
  • Red tulip
  • rose bush
  • Beetroot

Orange Dye

  • Red dye + Yellow dye
  • Orange tulip

Yellow Dye

  • Dandelion
  • Sunflower

Lime Dye

  • Green dye + White dye
  • Green dye + Bone meal

Light Blue Dye

  • Blue dye + White dye
  • Blue orchid
  • Lapis Lazuli + Bone meal

Blue Dye

  • Cornflower
  • Lapis Lazuli

Cyan Dye

  • Blue dye + Green dye
  • Lapis Lazuli + Green dye

Purple Dye

  • Blue dye + Red dye
  • Lapis Lazuli + Red dye

Magenta Dye

  • Purple dye + Pink dye
  • Red dye + Blue dye + White dye
  • Pink dye + Red dye + Blue dye
  • Allium + Lilac
  • Red dye + Lapis Lazuli + Bone meal
  • Pink dye + Red dye + Lapis Lazuli

Pink Dye

  • Red dye + White dye
  • Pink tulip
  • Peony
  • Red dye + Bone meal

Brown Dye

  • Cocoa Bean

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