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The countdown begins and the clock strikes 12! It’s the dawn of the New Year which means a new you, new resolutions, and most importantly the start of your fitness journey which you have been putting off since last year. I’ll set an alarm and start tomorrow first thing early in the morning you say to yourself, feeling a boost of your fitness motivation kicking in. Tomorrow arrives; the alarm goes off, you wake up groaning to hit it on snooze, and falls back in bed. The next moment you’re up no time for anything as you quickly rush off to do your work. And the cycle continues…

Haven’t we all done that? The strength taken to force yourself out of bed or to just make time to do a quick workout session takes a whole lot of motivation. Well, it all comes down to how much you want it. Building up the mindset you need to stay focused and committed to sticking through your fitness journey.

Why aren’t we feeling motivated enough to workout?

Pushing off to exercise is far easier than starting it. Because our minds tend to think of the most grueling process that we have to go through rather than giving it a go. Other reasons include:

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What keeps you motivated?

Maybe you want to get that dream body, lose a few pounds, build muscle, maintain a healthy lifestyle or reduce the risks of illnesses. And also, simply just because sweating it out feels so good. Identifying the “why” is the most important part of the journey. It will be the driving force of maintaining your fitness motivation. Once this is figured out you’ll be pumped up with excitement to start working out. There’s no rush, take time in figuring out what gets you inspired and motivated then start from there.

Tips to boost your fitness motivation

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There will be days when you’ll fall out of it but make sure you get back on it. To help you stay on track:

  • Take it one step at a time – Don’t rush through different types of exercises. Focus on one and then gradually change it once your body is adjusted to it.
  • Create a workout schedule – Have a consistent workout schedule planned for the week or month.
  • Find a workout buddy – Sometimes working out with your partner or friend will help you stay committed to getting through the workouts.
  • Try new routines – Make sure to switch up your routine every once in a while to keep it exciting.
  • Get Professional Help – If you need more guidance in how to get the most out of your workout and different variations of it, hire a personal trainer.
  • Create a playlist – A list of your favorite songs will make you feel pumped and ready.
  • Treat yourself – After every successful goal, you achieved indulge yourself in your most favorite foods.

Staying committed and consistent is key in getting the results you want. The result in turn boosts your confidence and lifts your fitness motivation even more. Stay positive and your fitness journey will be full of bliss. Don’t go hard on yourself and just enjoy the process!

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