HTC Announces Their Foothold in The VR Market

HTC announces their new step in the VR market

Currently, the trending technology that most of us are interested in and vying for is the VR Headsets that make virtual reality possible. HTC will announce this new model the following year, ’23, at the CES.

This model is bound to rival the ones in the market, with the ‘Color passthrough’ option. This is where the VR Headset uses a frontal camera to see the natural world in color while still using virtual reality.

The Global Head of HTC has also mentioned that this will be a standalone VR Headset that will be multi-purposeful. Connecting will no longer need a PC or smart device’s assistance. It will give a more immersive VR experience.

Furthermore, it will be equipped with a depth sensor, allowing the user to keep realistic track of the physical world. This will ensure that the vision doesn’t obstruct or stunt the user experience. It will be a notable upgrade compared to the ones currently in the market, with its display and depth option in sync.

The only downside we can surmise of the HTC VR Headset, through the news received, is that it will have a short charge life. This may be due to the added features that increase the quality of user experience. A single charge will only last two hours with full use and might last longer if used sparingly.

There is no other information on it at the moment. We will have to wait and see in a couple of weeks.

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