Amazon enters the fold of CSA for Matter 1.0

Amazon enters the fold of CSA for Matter 1.0

It’s quite a sight to behold when all top companies work towards a common goal instead of competing against each other. And that is the case of this ‘Matter.’ Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Apple are among 550 companies in the group – Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). They strive to create a holistic smart home’s future by combining forces.

This collaboration was the reason for ‘Matter,’ officially launched at an event in Amsterdam on November 3. Currently, ‘Matter 1.0’ is the new and advanced step to make smart homes a reality.

Amazon is a crucial player in this venture due to the gaining popularity among Alexa users and their acquisition of iRobot. Therefore, Amazon strives to provide a vast array of products supporting smart homes.

They hope to use this synergy created through this committee to make it convenient for the companies to create specific products that can commonly connect to complementary household devices rather than each company making every needed product.

“Device makers can build a product and they don’t have to invest in six different versions of it, six different kinds of hardware because of all the different protocols that are out there. It’s reducing work for developers,” said Chris Decenzo, Amazon’s technical lead for Matter and chair of the Matter steering committee.

Unlike the times when devices of leading brands competed, Amazon makes it clear that this is just a first step in this long, slow and steady journey of ‘Matter’ with customer-centricity at its core.

Amazon was crucial among the attendees of this meet due to their nature of being involved as both vendor and manufacturer. This gives them a unique perspective and a set of challenges that comes with it. Even with their new acquisition and CSA’s plans to create better smart homes, this might inadvertently cause competition to arise in the market for each company, but even more so for Amazon. But, Decenzo believes that Amazon finds this position beneficial to be able to pose as both a device maker and a service provider.

Several companies have taken this new measure to agree to work together to standardize the smart home feature in the upcoming age. Many of the members of the CSA agree that this is needed. It helps to keep a steady track and progress quickly in this tech than each company fighting its battles alone.

We can only wait for any update on Matter 1.0 from 2023 onwards. Check out the latest news on Twitter's blue ticks over here.

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