How to Build a Minecraft Throne | Step-by-Step Guide

Who would have ever thought that collecting virtual cubes could be so satisfying? Today millions of children and young adults spend hours and hours building their own kingdoms and palaces in a 3D virtual landscape named Minecraft. If you have a palace then you will need a throne too. Here is a step-by-step guide to building a Minecraft throne.

How to Build a Minecraft Throne

What is a Minecraft throne?

A throne is a chair a ruler will use in his/her sovereignty. A throne is the depiction of the power hold by its owner. In Minecraft, the game literally gives its players the great freedom to be creative in the said virtual 3D platform. Minecraft games do not carry a storyline for their players. The game lets players use their endless imaginations in creating their own experience within the virtual landscape. Be it a castle, house, backyard, metro city, or a school the possibilities are limitless. Once you have built a castle, you will need a throne to rule the kingdom you built.

Types of Minecraft thrones

How can you build a Minecraft throne?

A throne is to rule the world. It could be an evil throne, or king’s throne, or a royal throne. With the right materials in hand, anyone can build a throne. You can either use the same material for the entire throne or, by using different types of materials, you can craft an interesting throne.

Step 1: Gather necessary materials and tools

Before building the throne, you need to gather the required tools, equipment, and materials for the throne. A crafting table will help you to create some of the material you will need to create the throne. However, it would be ideal for you to first decide the materials required that would exactly mirror the power of your throne. The easiest materials to gather are woods and cobblestones. To give an extra shine to the throne sandstones would be ideal. Bricks and blocks will help in laying the slab of the throne.

Crafting table in Minecraft throne

Step 2: Creating the throne

Establishing the slab

To create the base for the throne to sit on, you must first develop a slab using brick stones and blocks. If you want to give the throne a superior look, you can add a carpet using red sandstones. The number of blocks required for the base will depend on the size of the throne you want to build.

Adding up stair blocks

Once the slab is complete, place the stair blocks on the front side of the slab. You need to attach each stair block to create the chair of the throne.

Laying the second blocks

To give a superior look place the second set of blocks on top of the first block set. A high back for the chair is important to make it look like a throne.

Step 3: Adding a fence

Add a fence or wall on top of the back block once the throne chair is completed. It will give an additional height and appeal to the throne you built.

The above steps are a guide to building a simple Minecraft throne only. With exceptional creativity and better tools, you can design a remarkable throne. Additionally, you can even build a separate room to place your throne as well.

Day by day, Minecraft is becoming more popular. The game is critically acclaimed for the independence it provides to players to build their own virtual world with very little violence. The game helps players (Children) in developing their creativity over designing. The most appealing thing about Minecraft would be that game does not go by a rule book. It provides endless possibilities for players to explore the virtual world.

So, are you feeling at the top of the world? Let’s rule the 3D world. Create your own Minecraft throne.

Here is a video guide guys.

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