How to Reload Chunks in Minecraft?

Sometimes, while playing Minecraft, you will see places that need to reload chunks. These chunks are 16×16 blocks that can be found in Minecraft. Actually, the world of Minecraft is made with these blocks. Therefore, these blocks are so much important for the stability of the game.

How to reload chunks in Minecraft when they are not properly loaded
ill-loaded chunks

Anyway, you may sometimes find the places where the chunks are not properly loaded. This is because the chunks are loaded incorrectly or the data which refers to the chunks are not sent to the Minecraft user from the server. This issue can be fixed simply by using a few different methods.

Reload Chunks in Minecraft

The easiest way that you can use to reload chunks is by clicking the F3+A keys together. By clicking these keys, you are forcing the server to reload all the data related to chunks of the game. But, this method really works for the Java edition. This command does not work for the Bedrock edition.

If you have this issue in the Bedrock edition, you will have to log out of the game and re-enter the game. Then, hopefully, the issue will be fixed.

Sometimes, even in the Java edition, after refreshing the chunk, you will still see the unloaded chunks on the screen. In such cases also, you should restart the game.

If you experience the issue continuously while playing, there is another way to fix it. Try to teleport to another place in the world and then come back to the same place you were. Sometimes, it helps to get rid of the chunk problem.

How to reload chunks in Minecraft

If you want to view the chunks near you, you can press the F3+G button to view them.

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